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  • "Beautiful razor, easy to use and the closest shave I've ever had!!!! I was nervous about using a safety razor but it turned out to be so easy to use! It is the perfect weight and gives me the closest shave with no ingrowns or razor burn. I use it to shave my underarms, bikini line and legs and have had no issues! Would 100% recommend this to everyone!"
    - Anna
  • "In order to reduce our single-use plastic waste in the kitchen, I searched online to find a silicone bag that I could store leftovers (including liquidy soups!), frozen bananas, and fresh fruit 'n' vegies...These bags are fantastic! Very easy to use (and wash!) and we use them to store all sorts of food stuff...including snacks when we head out. I actually think that they might help with lessening food wastage too, as my fresh fruit/vegies (including chopped ones) seem to last a lil' longer when stored in these bags. Highly recommend! A worthwhile investment :)"
    - Cher
  • "I’ve often found it quite hard to find a water bottle that suits my style, is affordable, quality and is easy to drink out of. This Kappi bottle is something I carry around with me all the time, I love it!"
    - Jasmine

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Earth Day 2019: Protect Our Species

Earth Day began on April 22 in 1970 when millions of people took to the streets in protest to take a stand against the negative...

We Thought It Was About Time We Said Hi!

Hi, we’re Fred and Em, husband and wife, co-conspirators, partners in crime and founders of Kappi. We created Kappi to fill a need for beautifully-designed, incredibly functional and fairly-priced reusable alternatives to single-use plastics.

Vegan Banana & Oats Pancakes Recipe

Wanting to start Valentine's Day off right? Nothing get's those good vibes flowing like breakfast in bed. And, if you really want to double down, do both your lover and the environment a favour by trying our absolutely freakin' delicious, 100% vegan, zero-waste banana and oats pancake recipe.


Reusable Shopping & Produce Bags in Australia

Single-use plastic is a term that has been in the news more and more often over the past decade in particular. While there is an increasing commitment to reducing plastic use by major companies, there is still a way to go to change the mindset of the shopping public, which became startlingly evident when Coles’ supermarkets tried to introduce a small levy on the sale of reusable shopping bags.

While there will always be a minority opposed to change, there is a slow but sure shift in thinking among consumers who are demanding more from the companies they keep afloat by purchasing their products. As such, with a trend beginning to reveal itself of major retailers stating their dedication to a reduction in their use of plastics, customers are looking for solutions that are in keeping with their values.

Here at Kappi, we are 100% focused on waste-free living. Over the past few years, we have been navigating the landscape in order to cut down our use of plastics and in doing so realised that practical solutions to the problems we encountered were few and far between. As such, we set out to provide sustainable, stylish alternatives that look, feel and do good for our environment.

What Separates Our Shopping Bags From Others

At Kappi, we understand that there are countless folks out there who really want to reduce their dependence on single-use plastic. Our journey toward a waste-free life has brought us to the realisation that while it is possible to find and purchase products that are designed with sustainability in mind, the companies that supply them fail to follow through on the promise they are profiting from.

We are determined to make a real difference and supply products that are reusable, functional and reduce the overall carbon footprint. In order to set a benchmark against which we would judge how we operate, here at Kappi, we ordered from all of our competitors. What we discovered was that our delivery and order fulfilment times are far superior, but also, when the orders we placed arrived, they came wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap.

At Kappi, we have taken measures to minimise our environmental footprint. Everything from our paper alternative to bubble wrap to the paper packing tape we use that has biodegradable glue has been carefully chosen with this in mind. What’s more, when we ship, for example, reusable produce bags to Australia or beyond, we use Sendle, the carbon neutral delivery service.

Produce Shopping Bags With Sustainability In Mind

At Kappi, you will find a range of great-looking, durable products to meet all of your shopping needs. What’s more when you look through our full selection of products you will notice that there is a sense of coherence and when you use them you will see that we have given serious thought to end-use.

Our range of reusable produce bags are designed bespoke to offer our customers a greater value proposition and while we are certain that you will love our products we offer a 100-day, no questions asked return policy, to give you that little extra peace of mind.

At Kappi, we want you to look good and get value for money on your journey to a waste-free life and we look forward to getting sustainable solutions to you that will help you turn heads and change minds.

Using clean lines and simple functionality, Kappi offers a range of lifestyle products; from cotton, eco & vegetable bags to reusable coffee cups & safety razors that look good, feel good, and most importantly, do good.

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