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    Tired of ingrown hairs, overly expensive razors, and disposable replacement heads that can't be recycled? Ignite your inner eco-warrior and buy a cheap safety razor kit online from Kappi. Say goodbye to ingrowns and say hello to the closest shave of your life!


    The problem with most razors

    When you buy a disposable razor, they tend to only be useful a handful of times before the whole unit needs to be thrown away. Not surprisingly, these razors are cheap, low quality, and don’t provide a close shave. 

    The problem from an environmental point of view is that these razors are made largely of plastic where only the blades are metal and can’t be recycled. They tend to be disposed of in general waste, end up in landfills, and then don’t decompose, remaining a problem to the environment for many years. And the problem is made worse because they are short-life items and get thrown away more often.

    For most modern, non-disposable razors, the situation isn’t much better. Although the whole unit isn’t thrown away when the blades lose sharpness, the razors still contain a large proportion of plastic. The main body and handle of the razor may be a combination of metal and rubber but the disposable cassette that houses the blades is mainly plastic.

    Those cassettes tend to be provided in a plastic container and the razor itself has a plastic mount when not in use. So, the whole thing adds to the problem of increasing plastic pollution in the world, particularly the blades and containers that are thrown away frequently.

    Razors of all types tend to have some sort of plastic packaging. Additionally, many have some kind of harmful element in their construction and may clock up considerable air miles to get to you.

    Balanced, beautiful and built to perform: stainless steel safety razors

    Once thought to be old-fashioned, steel razors are now making a huge comeback (as all vintage products do!) When you want an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to the standard razors, you can’t look past Kappi’s safety razor set.

    Our difference is that there’s no plastic involved in the construction of the product or its packaging – we only supply metal razors. The blades are easily replaced and, because they’re all metal, can be recycled. 

    Here are just some of the benefits of buying a safety razor online from Kappi:

    • Our safety razors are made in China, where the supply chain is completely plastic free 
    • The blades stay sharper for much longer than multi-blade systems. So, you’ll buy replacement blades less frequently (and save money in the long run)
    • Our safety razors have a single double-edged blade rather than the multiple blades that are found on modern razors. This ensures a closer shave because traditional razors tend to have sharper blades that are angled better, avoiding irritation and in-grown hairs
    • Our reusable razors are built to last
    • With our safety steel razors, you can save the planet and save money!

    Where can I buy a safety razor?

    We’re so glad you asked! You can buy a good safety razor online from Kappi, with 1% of all sales going to 1% for the Planet. We’re serious about reducing our carbon footprint in Australia, and if you are too, you can join our mission by buying a safety razor.

    Using clean lines and simple functionality, Kappi offers a range of lifestyle products for the modern eco-warrior: in addition to our razors, you can buy cotton, ecovegetable and mesh produce bags, reusable steel straws and reusable coffee cups online that look good, feel good, and most importantly, do good.

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