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    You’ve most likely seen the horrifying video of a sea turtle with a 10cm straw wedged inside its nostril. Or images of dolphins mutilated by plastic bags. Or even dead birds with stomachs filled with bottle caps. 


    Stainless steel drinking straws are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws

    If you were like us, your hand would have been covering your mouth while watching ABC’s documentary, War on Waste. The most alarming statistic was that Australians use an estimated 10 million plastic straws a day. Whether it’s an exaggeration or not, we all know single-use plastic straws are a major problem for the environment and end up in landfills or our oceans.

    While plastic straws are a relatively new invention (they were first created in 1870), humans have been using cylinder-shaped tubes to bring liquid to their lips since the beginning of time. However, they weren’t always made from plastic. At Kappi, we’re on a mission to get back to bare basics: join us in removing plastic straws from Australia and the earth by choosing our reusable stainless steel straws instead.

    Used once, waste forever: reusable stainless steel straws are the solution

    Saying no to plastic single-use straws is easier than ever now with our gold stainless steel straws. Each kit includes an organic cotton mesh storage bag so you can safely and securely carry our straws with you wherever you go. Furthermore, they also come with a small, deep cleaning brush so no more excuses as to why you can’t reuse them. In response to your feedback, we offer two varieties: bent straws and straight drinking straws, suitable for that morning smoothie, iced beverage during the day, or cheeky G&T after work.

    If more people were aware that plastic straws contained chemicals that affected our hormone levels, such as polypropylene or petroleum, we would have ditched them a long time ago. Made from FDA-approved food grade stainless steel and free from toxic chemicals, our stainless steel straws are one of the easiest ways to end single-use plastics in Australia. They’re also durable, budget-friendly and corrosion-resistant.

    Kappi provides a stylish range of lifestyle products for the modern Australian eco-warrior: we’re big fans of clean lines and simple functionality, and we know you are too. In addition to our stainless steel drinking straws, you can also buy double edge razors and reusable vegetable shopping bags that look and feel good, while most importantly, help you make a positive difference to our planet.

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