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    Mesh Produce Bags

    Whilst the free issue of plastic shopping bags at supermarkets and other retail outlets has been banned, plastic bags are still used regularly when buying fruit and vegetables. These are often single use bags and contribute to the problem of damage to the environment caused by plastic waste. It’s a situation that can’t be allowed to continue and mesh produce bags are the sustainable solution.


    Features and Benefits of Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

    Our mesh bags are made from ethically sourced cotton and are light, durable and practicable. They can be used many times and, over the course of their lifetime, each bag has the potential to replace many hundreds of plastic bags and avoid the pollution they cause.

    The lightness of the bag means it hardly adds to the product weight at check-out. And, since it’s a net bag, the product inside can be seen easily and it’s even possible to scan the bar code so the bag won’t cause problems when paying. Pulling the draw cord closes the bag and keeps the contents safe.

    When the fruit and vegetables are taken home, the bags can be used to store them and can be put straight into the refrigerator or store cupboard. If the produce starts to wilt in the refrigerator, due to the dehumidifying effect that is designed to prevent the build up of frost, simply spray the bag to moisten it and keep its contents crisp and fresh.

    Any produce that’s stored out of the refrigerator can be put on a shelf or hung up in the bag. The mesh fabric will help the air to circulate and keep the produce fresh for much longer than a plastic bag.

    The versatility of our mesh produce bags means you can use them for all sorts of other purposes. You can use them to carry various items around, for the storage of toys and as laundry bags. Put delicate items into a bag, put the whole lot in the washer and the items come out clean and without damage.

    Use Time and Time Again Rather than Single Use Plastic

    Rather than the use once and throw away principle associated with plastic produce bags, our mesh bags are sufficiently durable and flexible to be used many times over. They’re hard wearing and can last for many trips to the shop or market with careful use.

    If the bags become a little grubby, they can easily be restored to pristine appearance by putting them in the washer on a gentle cycle. They may look a little wrinkled and shrunken when they come out but press and stretch them gently and they’ll be just like new.

    Our bags are made from a natural material by ethical methods and are sustainable and biodegradable. That contrasts with some polyester and nylon products that are made from oil and have none of these same benefits.

    Choose carefully and buy from a company that really cares about the environment. At Kappi, we certainly do and we can help make your shopping trip a much more environmentally friendly experience.

    Using clean lines and simple functionality, Kappi offers a range of lifestyle products; from cotton, eco & vegetable bags to reusable coffee cups & safety razors that look good, feel good, and most importantly, do good.

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