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    1L Bottle & Stainless Steel Water Bottles in Australia

    Staying hydrated, especially in Australia’s hot summers, is a necessity for your health and we’re always being encouraged to drink plenty of water. All too often, however, that means taking drinks from plastic bottles and that’s not good for the planet.

    Plastic takes a long time to decompose, up to 500 years, so it’s a problem that has long-lasting effects. Many plastic bottles don’t get recycled, with an estimated thirteen billion of them being disposed of every year. They are part of the 8-12 million tons of plastic that go into the seas each year, accounting for the deaths of one million sea creatures annually.


    It is a serious problem that’s going to get worse unless we do something about it, and quickly. One way is to stop using plastic bottles and drink from stainless steel water bottles instead.

    Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Water Bottles from Australia

    Although our 1L stainless steel water bottle will obviously involve an initial cost to you, this will be more than offset by the savings you make by not having to buy bottled water. Its large capacity means you can fill it with chilled water from the refrigerator and it will last you for hours while still delivering water that’s pleasantly cold.

    Whilst glass bottles are an alternative, they won’t keep cold water at the same temperature and so drinking isn’t such a pleasant experience. Glass bottles are also prone to break whereas our stainless steel bottle will resist even the harshest of treatment with nothing more serious than the odd dent or scratch. It’s also proof against leaks so you can carry it anywhere and use it how you want without worrying about losing liquid.

    The bottle and cap are chemically stable and inert so there are no toxins released into your drink. That contrasts with plastic bottles, some of which contain the chemical BPA that can adversely affect your health if it seeps into your drink. Even those that are free of BPA may have BPS chemicals that disrupt endocrine (or hormone systems, causing various medical problems) and so should not be used in hot conditions.

    Plastic bottles, in effect, can be bad for you and for your wallet as well as for the planet.

    Stylish and Functional

    Like everything else we make, our 1L stainless steel water bottle is stylish as well as being functional and not harmful to the environment. It comes in a variety of colours, has a good sized mouthpiece so you can drink easily and, unlike some aluminium bottles, has no plastic lining. And when you’ve eventual, finished with it (which may be many years from now), it’s fully recyclable.

    Use the bottle at work, when travelling or for leisure activities. It’s perfect for the gym or when running or cycling, being carried easily and conveniently in a bag or rucksack.

    With our stainless steel water bottle, you can significantly reduce your use of single use plastic and do your bit for the environment while staying hydrated and healthy at the same time.

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