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    Cotton Muslin & Tote Bags

    Shopping requires planning. Not only do you need to plan for what you will consume over the coming week, but you also have to plan in terms of how you will transport the produce you purchase back home. While most of us are more than familiar with reusable plastic bags, we know that they not only begin to smell over time with use but they also can tear and are usually then binned.


    Here at, we make cotton tote bags among a range of other cool and well-designed reusable alternatives to single-use plastic options. What differentiates us from all other manufacturers out there is that we offer authenticity and a coherent product range that has been designed bespoke.

    We believe that it is important to create products that not only do the job they were intended for but also look good. The reality is that as consumers were are always looking for products that not only fit with our outlook on the world but have a sense of style and elegance that we know will turn heads and start a conversation.

    A few handy tips for waste-free living

    In the store, think about purchasing foods that have no plastic packaging. All you really need is the pricing sticker. Also, it is worth considering whether you actually need to buy things like straws that are plastic and wrapped in paper, or if a stainless steel straw is something that will last you a lifetime. Shopping lists are essential to ensure you only buy what you actually need.

    When your birthday rolls around we know that you don't really want to receive a lot of gifts wrapped in paper and plastic. If this is the case then you can always suggest a charity that your friends can donate to. And if you are a coffee lover, think about buying a reusable cup or thermos. Most major coffee shops will even charge you less for bringing your own receptacle.

    Say no to junk mail through your post box and in the supermarket when they try to stow a flyer in your cotton muslin bags. If you continue to receive unwanted mail, get in touch with the distributor or register with the post office to cut this down dramatically.

    Get 10% Off Today

    In terms of meeting the sustainability requirements we set for ourselves, here at, we needed to understand what our competitors were doing right and wrong so that when we started out we would set a new benchmark.

    As such, having ordered from all of them, we discovered that while their products were well made, the packaging and means of delivery added to the carbon footprint. To this end, we have looked beyond the traditional methods of fulfilling orders and sought out alternatives that eliminated the need for plastic packaging, and we exclusively use Sendle, the carbon neutral delivery service to get out sustainable products to our customers. 

    At, we are committed to bringing high-quality, functional and seriously stylish products to those who want to make a positive change and help reverse the negative environmental trends we as consumers have on the planet. To sweeten the deal, those who sign-up for our newsletter will receive 10% off their next order, which we expect will make those cotton tote bags that little bit more attractive.

    Using clean lines and simple functionality, Kappi offers a range of lifestyle products; from cotton, eco & vegetable bags to reusable coffee cups & safety razors that look good, feel good, and most importantly, do good.

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