10 Easy Zero Waste Swaps That We Live By

by Maddie Vlismas
So you want to reduce your environmental footprint? That's wonderful news! Chances are you're feeling pretty darn exhausted and overwhelmed with the whole thing right now though - and we totally get it.  There are likely a million + one things you'd like to be changing in your routine for more eco-friendly options, but where on Earth do you start?! The good news is that there are some *really* easy ways for you to live more sustainably that you can start doing right now! 
We were in exactly the same place as you only a few short years ago, so we've broken down our all-time favourite and easiest zero-waste swaps that will help you cut out an insane amount of waste in your day-to-day.

1. BYO Bags

The ultimate step 1 to any eco friendly list. Bring your own bags with you - it's as simple as that! WE love our string Grocery bags because we can bring them with us everywhere and not even notice because they can fold up to be so small + are so light! Change your habits by leaving your grocery bags in a place where you can't miss them, and even leave a spare few in your car for emergencies!

2. Invest in a Safety Razor

This one really is a no-brainer for us, as we are obsessed with our Kappi Safety Razor, and no - we're not just saying that. 163 MILLION consumers in the USA alone used disposable razors last year. Our Safety Razor was one of the main reasons we launched Kappi as we knew that *had* to be an alternative to this.
Swapping to a Safety Razor might not seem like a big deal to you yet, but think of all the rubber + plastic used in disposable razors. With all those separate materials, it's highly unlikely they're getting recycled. We can safely say that almost every plastic throw-away razor still exists in landfill somewhere. Instead, invest in a quality Safety Razor that will last you literally forever.
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3. Make your coffee at home or bring your reusable cup (every time)

As a former barista, I am more than aware of the insane amount of coffee cup waste out there. Here's that same phrase again - "but I'm just one person,"... 

Coffee cups are estimated to be the second-largest contributor to litter waste after plastic bottles. It is estimated Australians use 1 BILLION disposable coffee cups each year.

Disposable coffee cups, which look like they are made of paper, have been routinely found to contain plastics that do not break down and are incredibly damaging to the environment.

Make a commitment to bring your reusable mug, every.single.time or make your coffee at home! It's *much* cheaper that way and can even be completely zero-waste when using the right equipment - we're looking at you plungers (god bless the humble plunger). 

4. Use Reusables in the Kitchen

This can be interpreted however in whatever way you like - but it basically means stop using throw-away items like cling film and takeaway containers to store food. Instead, use proper glass Tupperware, Reusable Silicone Ziplocks (instead of those flimsy plastic ones) and glass jars to keep food fresh and swap your cling-film for Stretch Lids or wraps. If you already use plastic containers to help store food, this doesn't mean you have to go throw those in the bin. This swap is about using what you already have when you can, and swapping to better alternative when it's right for you. You can even even keep an eye out for eco friendly + reusable baking paper and alfoil nowadays!

5. Swap to solid soap + toothpaste bites

Bathroom waste is another sneaky one that you can create unconsciously. Once you start your zero-waste journey, you won't be able to stop noticing all the different types of mindless waste out there. Swapping to soap bars is such an easy way to get rid of an incredible amount of packaging in your life. Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash - you name it - because you can now buy it in solid form! This is also applies to toothpaste too! We use toothpaste bites, but you can even make your own. Check out our favourite recipe here !

6. Start a Toilet Paper Subscription

TP is always going to be something that you need, no matter what! We get our TP delivered in bulk by Who Gives a Crap, who use 100% recycled toilet paper and deliver it in cardboard and not plastic! Hurrah! It's also incredibly cost-effective and they even donate 50% of all profits to building toilets for people who need them. Can't stop, won't stop raving about it!

7. Swap to a Bamboo Toothbrush

Worldwide, over 3 billion plastic toothbrushes are disposed of each year… and you can guess where they end up. "But I'm just one person!" you say. Well sure, but most people brush their teeth twice daily, which means that the average toothbrush has a lifespan of roughly three to four months. That's a lot of unnecessary waste for 'just one person', especially when plastic toothbrushes are made from hard polypropylene plastic and nylon bristles, which are non-biodegradable. We're a fan of keeping our used products out of the ocean and landfills, which is why swapping to a bamboo toothbrush which can be composted is a *much* better option. 

8. Stop using Paper Towels

We're going to give it to ya straight - you don't need paper towels in your life. We haven't used them for years and haven't even noticed. They always come packaging in a whole lot of plastic too, and this is just not okay. This goes for paper-napkins too. Tea-towels and cloth napkins are just as good and even look so much better. Simply have a few on hand and chuck them in your weekly wash or as needed. 

9. No New Clothes

If you're a fully-grown adult, chances are you already own a whole wardrobe of clothes. We've never been big into retail therapy and have mostly stuck to op-shops anyway, but this year (and probably next year too) we are committed to buying no new clothes. Did you know that the average Australian buys 27 kilos of new clothes and other textiles every year? Did you also know that 85 % of this then ends up in landfills? Crazy town. We talk about why it's important to us over here 

10. Last but not least... Bring a drink bottle

By now, this one should be on everybody's radar. Seriously. Whenever this is mentioned, people brush it off with a "duh" kind of attitude, but we're still struggling with it! Australians bought over 72.6 MILLION LITRES of bottled water in a year - let that sink in. We understand that accidents happen, but that's a big big number. Bring your own drink bottle and be part of the solution instead!


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