$27,649 raised for Bushfire Relief!

by Maddie Vlismas

We were able to raise $27,649 for Bushfire Relief this past weekend! Thank you!

For the entire weekend of the 4th of January, we donated 100% of sales to donate to the bushfire relief. Lives, homes and wildlife have been lost as the fires continue to burn across our beautiful nation. 

We are completely blown away and so incredibly proud of our community for coming together to raise a mind-blowing $27,649 for Wires Wildlife Rescue, The NSW Rural Fire Service, The Victorian CFA and Red Cross Australia.

It's easy to feel a sense of powerlessness when seeing the sheer scale of devastation on our doorstep, however your support has proved that we are stronger when we work together. 

We are incredibly humbled by the response and would like to thank anyone who purchased this weekend, shared, liked or commented on our post, and to all of the amazing people who have donated.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Hopefully our donation will be able to provide some much needed relief to our brave firefighters, wildlife and all those effected by these devastating bush fires currently ravaging our country.

Here at Kappi, we’re a small company with big goals and even bigger heart. It’s incredibly heartening to see that our community feels the same way."

Our donation of $27,649 will be split evenly between:

  • Australian Red Cross

Donations allow the Red Cross Emergency teams to assist victims in all facets during a crisis. While other organisations help fight the fires and repair damage, the Red Cross play their part by caring for the people.

  • NSW Wires Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES)

Wires are Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation, caring for tens of thousands of native animals every year and providing information and education nationally.

  • The NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service is a volunteer-based firefighting agency, responsible for fire protection in 95% of the state. They are the world’s largest volunteer fire service with 72,491 volunteer members.

  • The Victorian CFA

The Country Fire Authority are a volunteer and community based fire and emergency service in Victoria and are one of the world’s largest volunteer based emergency service organisation.

As a small company, we’re humbled and overwhelmed with the response we have received. Together we have united to make a huge difference and we’re so incredibly proud of your collective efforts. 

We hope that this effort inspires people to commit to reducing their waste by making the switch to reusable products and we plan to be to there to help make their transitions to a waste-free lifestyle as easy as possible.

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