5 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

by Maddie Vlismas

Christmas is officially 6 weeks away. We can't believe it either - but we swear we're telling the truth! This year was really something, that's for sure. We're keeping our heads up and our hearts strong, and now it's time to celebrate, unwind and spend time with our loved ones (fingers crossed).

Although this year has been a little, er - different *cough*, we want to keep things sustainable. Keep reading for 5 of our best Eco Friendly gift ideas for this year! 

~ Gift them something they need

Christmas doesn't have to be all about the gift itself, often the thought is the important part. So instead, why not gift your loved ones something that they'll really appreciate. Really, you could interpret this in anyway you might like, but it might require some thought! Have they mentioned anything this year? Maybe something of theirs broke and needs replacing. Show them you care by wanting to make their day-to-day a little easier on them...

It could be something simple, like a nice ceramic that they can use in the kitchen, a subscription to something they might appreciate, a boardgame (2020 amiright?), a picnic blanket, a nice set of sustainable sheets, a voucher to a store they love. 


~ Gift them something that will last

This one's important. If you are going to gift them something material, make sure you put some thought into the quality and make up of the item. Stocking stuffers and Christmas-themed gift bundles are often made up of cheap items that will break a few weeks after Christmas. 

For example, if you're going to gift clothing or textiles - go for something sustainable like cotton, bamboo or linen that's durable and will last a long time. 

If you're going to gift homewares, stay away from cheap plastics and opt for something quality!


~ Gift a sustainable lifestyle

Why not make it as easy as possible to help your loved ones transition to an eco friendly lifestyle? We've bundled up some of our best-selling eco essentials into handy Gift Packs to take all the stress out of gift-giving. They even come bundled into a beautiful, hand-designed box that's printed using sustainable ink on recycled cardboard. Done and done! 


~ Gift an experience 

There are so many gifts worth giving that are meaningful and don’t create clutter; a night out at the movies, a gift voucher for a month of coffees at a fave cafe, walking someone’s dog for a month, concert and theatre tickets, as well as lessons and classes. Or, keeping in the theme of 2020, gift your loved ones a night of rest + relaxation at an Airbnb in a small town close by. A change of scenery might be exactly wha they need, and they'll also be supporting the local economy and small businesses. 


~ Gift + Support Local

This year has been hard on everyone, but especially so on businesses forced to close due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Show them your support by purchasing vouchers as gifts for your loved ones this year. Many cafes, restaurants, theatres and stores are offering vouchers this year. Who knows, they might even bring you along when they make a booking!

Another industry hit hard by the pandemic is the music and entertainment. Artists are struggling and an incredibly easy way to show your support is by purchasing their merchandise. A band tee, or record makes for a lovely, thoughtful gift! 


Do you have any other ideas of how to Gift Sustainably this Christmas? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

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