Answering your questions: Safety Razor Blades

by Maddie Vlismas

Here at Kappi, our main game is making sure our eco alternatives are functional and easy to use. 

We get that if these changes are too costly or aren't user friendly, it can be frustrating to implement them into your lifestyle and make the swap to a more environmentally friendlier alternative. 

Making the change to a reusable Safety Razor can be a bit intimidating as they're simply different to what you're used to. The blades are a big part of the intimidation factor because they're more exposed without the rubber bumpers of your plastic, supermarket razors. The beauty is that they give you an unbelievably smooth shave and avoid any bumps, ingrown hairs or skin irritation that you can get from a plastic razor. We've answered the rest of your burning questions about the safety razor blades below!

What exactly is a 'doubled edged blade' and how does it differ to what I have now?  

A double edged blade is one that has a blade on each side. These two blades protrude slightly on either side of your Safety Razor. You can see the little silver edges of the blades below

Razor Blades

A double edged blade will give you a much closer shave as they cut the hair at skin level, meaning no ingrown hairs!

Your modern razor is likely to have several smaller blades stacked in a row. These blades tug and pull at your hair before eventually cutting the hair follicle below the skin level. As the hair regrows, many of the hair follicles become ingrowns. 

How long will they last? Will they rust?

A double edged blade should last you about 5-7 shaves, meaning the 10 pack included with your Kappi Safety Razor should last you about 70 shaves! You'll be able to notice when your blade is getting dull pretty easily, so will know when it's time to swap it out. 

Our Treet razor blades that are included with your Kappi Razor are made from stainless steel so won't rust when they get wet in the shower!

Can they be recycled? How?

We collect our used double edged blades in a glass jar in the bathroom. When it's finally full (which takes us over a year and a half) we take it to a Sharps Disposal Location, where they'll recycle it safely. You can find your closest location here

How sharp are they? 

We use Treet Blades, which we like to think of as the training wheels of Safety Razor Blades. They're still very sharp, so be careful when you're inserting them into your Razor (and around your knees and ankles too!). If you're after an even sharper blade for shaving your face, we'd suggest doing some research to find the right one for you. 

Are they interchangeable with other razor blades? Where can I buy them?

Yes! As long as it's a 'double edged' blade you'll be set! There are lots of brands out there- we use Treet blades. The most common blades you'll find on the Australian market are Shark, Astra or Feather blades- and yes you can use those too! We can't tell you which blade is best, because everyone has different needs when it comes to shaving. There's so many to choose from so get researching!

You can buy our Treet blade refills here, or look at Shaver Shop or online to buy in bulk and save even more money. We suggest finding a blade you love first, before buying in bulk though

Are they cheaper than other razor cartridge replacements?

So much cheaper! While it can be more expensive initially to buy your safety razor handle- you won't ever have to replace that. Modern multi-blade cartridges can cost around $3, whereas we the double sided blades that we stock will only cost around 20 cents. Thats around 15 times cheaper than the modern equivalent!

Can I take my razor blades + razor on an airplane?

You can definitely take your Kappi Safety Razor on the plane (even in your carry on too), however it's super important to note that must remove your blade first and store it and any refills in your checked in luggage! 


If you have any questions that we haven't answered- please get in touch! We'd love to help you with any queries you might have and it will help us keep our guide up to date! 


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