Brands We Love : Jonny

by Maddie Vlismas

This year, Kappi are launching a 'Brands We Love' series, featuring- you guessed it: Brands We Love. We think it's so important to use our influence for good and want to take the opportunity to share with you likeminded individuals who take sustainability seriously! First up on the roster is Jonny

If you haven't already heard of them, Jonny are a new vegan friendly, sex positive condom brand, made for ladies by ladies. We're absolutely in love them and everything that these powerful women are about.

We were lucky enough to sit down with one of the incredible founders, Bec Vilanti to ask her some questions about their brainchild. 

Read our intereview below, and if you haven't already, make sure you read our guide on Sustainable Sex up on the blog now!

Hey Bec! Can you tell us a little about the the spark or inciting incident that lead to the creation of Jonny? 

Funnily enough we were all talking about our recent ‘sparks’ ;) And it was within this conversation about our recent loves and lusts that we realised we had all experienced the awkwardness around buying and using condoms! Then we realised that the industry had not changed the way it communicated and was somewhat responsible for creating the stigma... and from there Jonny was born! 

What does sex positivity mean to you? 

Sex is awesome; when respect, choice and equality are its core! Jonny wants everyone to feel strong, safe, respected and uninhibited in regards to their own sexual journey. Our mantra is be good to self; be good to others; be good to mother nature. And then have fun along the way. 

Jonny wants sex to be looked at as a positive experience from all angles - hence Jonny’s values being simple: be good to self, others and mama nature. As a brand, we strive to encompass and promote a positive attitude and values around sexuality, sexual identity and the sexual behaviours of others. Our mission with Jonny is to make everyone feel like a boss, especially when it comes to sex. Jonny promotes people to feel strong, safe, respected, and comfortable to take charge of their own sexual journey, whilst having fun with it along the way. Because sex really is fun! Be gone with awkwardness, taboos and discomfort. Hello celebration, open conversation and pleasure! And then ‘cue, nude shenanigans’ as Jonny would say! 

Jonny’s friendly and approachable tone is perfect for breaking down the barriers of communication and stigma around safe sex. How else can we continue to encourage the conversation? 

Thank you, that is lovely to hear. Talk, chat, dm! Do whatever gets the conversation started. As a society, we really have been suffocated by old values, outdated teachings and social stigmas, yet it’s so exciting to watch the changes and shifts slowly start to pave a new way. We would say, lean into that awkwardness, gently push through the resistance, encourage discussions. Every conversation helps, no matter how big or small. And have fun along the way! 

Love that! What inspired the sustainable side of Jonny and why was this important to you? Where did the idea of the FabLittleBag come from? 

As Co-founders we were all committed to creating a conscious product that was both good for our bodies and for the planet. During our research we discovered that many people still flush condoms down the toilet...eek! So we were keen to find a solution that discouraged this behaviour. FabLittleBag was a serendipitous discovery. Another female-founded and invented product from the UK, FLB was designed to discreetly dispose of tampons and pads (another product that shouldn’t be flushed); the fact that they are made of organic materials and biodegradable reinforced our alignment. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far and where do you see Jonny going next? 

All small business face big challenges. One of the biggest we have faced so far, actually leads on from above; being as conscious and as ethical as we can, comes with higher costs. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but it sure can be tough sometimes! 

Jonny definitely has a big 2020 in store. We are spreading the Jonny love and going global baby. One country at a time we aim to smash the old stigmas and have fun along the way, naturally!


Interested? Check them out here

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