Brands We Love : Modi Bodi

by Maddie Vlismas

It's time for a new Brands We Love feature, yay! This week we're chatting with the ah-mazing founder of Modibodi, Kristy Chong.

Modibodi, if you're unaware, is a gamechanger for women all over the world. Modibodi has your back for a modern take on protective, leak-proof apparel, underwear & swimwear for periods and incontinence. They exist to to give all bodies more confidence and comfort, as well as a more sustainable solution to disposable hygiene.

Here at Kappi, we're women with a #waronwaste, so Modibodi is right up our alley. Keep reading for our interview with the amazing founder behind it all! Or head over here for our guide to having a sustainable period.

Hey Kristy + team Modibodi! We’re so excited to feature you incredible + empowering business. For those who might not know, can you tell us a little about Modibodi ?  

Modibodi is reusable and sustainable leak-proof apparel that completely replaces the need for disposable sanitary items. Modibodi uses high quality natural fabrics and breathable tech-savvy blends to create an absorbent fit. All products have a different fit suited for all shapes and sizes, as well as different absorbency levels to suit all kinds of period leakage and incontinence.

We are completely enamoured with Modibodi’s approach to body positivity and self love, what does this mean to you?

Body positivity and self-love are two of Modibodi’s core values in which we wish to spread consistently throughout our campaigns and products. Body positivity to us means showing that our products aren’t just made for one body, but for all bodies, as no two people were made the same. We believe in accepting the changes our bodies undergo due to nature, age or personal choices and loving these changes. With body positivity comes self-loveWe hope to represent everybody in our work in order to achieve the greater goal of individual self-love, which everyone deserves. 

Sustainability is obviously a huge part of the idea behind your business and has maybe been in the ‘too hard basket’ when applying it to menstruating/bladder control. Was there a moment or inciting incident where you decided to come up with a modern solution?

There has always been a huge gap in solutions to women’s periods and incontinence and although we had the likes of tampons and pad-liners, there was little existence of sustainable solutions. We began to wonder why with all the technological changes in history, underwear had remained the same. Underwear is a completely normalised clothing item that all people wear, so why not make that underwear multifunctional with the ability to provide protection for bodily leaks? 

What are your goals for the future? 

Our goals are to continue to advance our products to suit people with their bodily leaks, whilst remaining ethical and sustainable. We want to continue to break down the stigma that there is on periods and incontinence and give people an opportunity to discuss their bodies openly and without judgement


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