Brands We Love : WILD Skincare

by Maddie Vlismas

We're *so* thrilled to announce our latest in the Brands We Love series : WILD Skincare. We are absolutely in love with this Aussie brand, and have been for many years. Just like us, WILD was created as a solution to a problem and we think that is the coolest thing ever. 

Haven't heard of WILD Skincare yet? Don't worry, we won't hold it against you. You can check them out here, or keep reading for our chat with the woman behind it all, the incredible Lexi Hyland. 


Hey Lexi! Thanks so much for being a part of our Brands We Love segment, we’re so excited to share our love affair with your brand with our community! Can you tell us a little about who you are and what WILD Skincare is all about

Hello Queens ♡ Thank you for involving me – I feel so honoured and grateful to be a part of this!

WILD is all about actually natural ingredients, that are good for your skin and don’t pollute the planet. Almost every natural brand I see on the market is still loaded with synthetics or tampered ingredients. I have not yet found a brand that is as ‘actually natural’ as WILD Skincare, with 100% earth made ingredients.

WILD grew very organically and naturally into what it is today because of word of mouth and the exceptional results people were having and experiencing. We also challenge ourselves to be plastic free. Aside from the very obvious effects plastic has on the planet, plastic leeches incredibly harmful toxins into our products, which we then lather into our skin. Aside from our pump lids and caps, everything is either glass or kraft cardboard.

What were you doing before you created WILD, and did you have an inciting incident that spurred its creation?

I was raised uniquely by parents who were pretty ‘far out’. We were taught to question, consider, research and to think for ourselves. I spent my 20's diving into the world of science + spirituality, and became qualified in multiple healing and coaching modalities, and now work and study intensely in new health sciences, natural medicine & quantum physics. With this as my foundation, I knew the importance of natural and healthy living. In my early 20’s I had Rosacea and it seemed nothing I was advised, prescribed or offered would rid it. That aside, I refused to use unnatural products. Rosehip Oil came to the rescue and it got me curious about the power of oils. Since then, I’ve been making my own skincare out of natural, high quality organic oils ever since. (Btw, absolutely no sign of rosacea since then either). Eventually friends and family were putting in orders, then friends of friends, to the point where I was required to create a website to manage my orders.

You have such a strong relationship with sustainability, which we are obsessed with. How did you come up with your Recycling Incentive?

I really want people to think about the effect they have on the planet with their choices. It’s the consumers responsibility to buy sustainable products from brands who make an effort, but it’s also the brands responsibility to help educate and provide solutions where we can. Hence our initiative. I have loads of return clients that post or drop me their bottle back which get washed, sterilised & reused. The client also receives the money back for the cost of the bottles. Good for me, good for the client, good for the planet!

Transparency is such a hard thing to come by in the cosmetics + skincare industry, what does it mean to you? How important was it to use only organic and natural ingredients?

This is a big one for me. As I mentioned before there as *so* many brands who claim to be natural, organic and ‘healthy’ for the skin and the planet. But you look at their ingredients and it’s full of synthetics. The words vegan, natural, organic and eco are thrown around like confetti these days. These ‘fads’ and ‘phrases’ are so badly misused with the main intention to mislead and delude.

Also, the majority of products are created with a short term sensation and effect, giving the user the illusion that the product is ‘working’. However the long term effects of chemical and synthetic use is shattering. For us, we can sleep easy at night knowing we’re honest and authentic, and that our products are in no way harmful to the customer or the planet. We create our products with an immediate effect with the long term benefit.

Our skin (and body) have all the intelligence it needs to be youthful and glowing. It’s the crap we put on our skin that throws it off and starts this perpetual cycle of needing something to fix it. When you strip down to the basics, use high quality natural products, your skin will find it’s balance again and serve you better than any product ever can or will. My skin has balanced itself out so perfectly since using WILD Skincare, that I barely even need to cleanse anymore. If someone had of told me that a few years ago I would have fallen off my chair.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? What’s next for you?

Being okay with plastic lids… So far, all of my packaging, postage bags, marketing etc are all waste free. But the plastic lids are something I haven’t yet overcome. I’m constantly on the lookout for alternative solutions, so if anyone out there knows of some magical contraption that I’m unaware of – PLEASE let me know.

Next for WILD is a Mothers and Baby range. I’ve already made and tested a few
products that have been lifesavers for me during my first trimester that I know will help so many new mums out there too! I don’t think there are enough natural (and organic) products on the market for Mums and Babies, so that’s what’s next for us! If there is something in particular that any Mums out there wants/need, please send us your suggestions!

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  • Dr Debra Lawson

    I am a huge fan of the Wild range! Pure, long lasting, it smells great and it is good for the body and the planet!

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