DIY Christmas Wreath

by Maddie Vlismas

The holiday season is something we all associate with love, laughter, food and family. But it's also something we've now come to associate with a whole lot of unnecessary waste. 

We're talking food waste, packaging waste, unwanted / broken gifts... And of course decorations. 

This year, why not opt for something hand-made instead?


DIY and handmade decorations have been a part of our family's tradition for as long as I can remember, and for me the first cab off the rank is always the Christmas Wreath. Keep reading for some ideas and inspiration for how to make your own wreath this Christmas. 



~ Flower Wreath. 

All you'll need is a hoop - you can pick one up from a craft store for a few dollars, some flowers of your choosing and some twine. There are about a million ways you can actually approach creating your own flower wreath, but my favourite way is to make it up as you go along. Leaves + flowers are super forgiving, and you can end up with a beautiful, festive wreath with really little effort. Head to Pinterest for some inspo - there are so many different ways you can approach this one!


~ Pinecones and foliage.

If you really want to lean into the Australian theme, gum nuts too! Eucalyptus, and any greenery you and find in your backyard looks lovely + fresh amongst the textured pinecones. 


~ Faux flowers. 

This one, although not real, is a big winner in our eyes as it is one that you can use year after year. Head to your local craft store and get crafty!


~ Pom Poms or Tassles

Hot glue an assortment of pom poms/ tassels to your wreath for a kitschy cute look. Go wild with your colour theme - don't feel restricted to green and red. Extra points if you make your own pom poms!


~ Wooden beads.

Very on-trend, and best of all - incredibly easy! 


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