Eco Apps You Should be Using

by Maddie Vlismas
In this modern age, we're looking to our phones for answers to more and more problems. Technology is making our lives easier and for this we are so incredibly grateful! We're truly floored that we made it so far in our lives without Google Maps. 

Something you might not have considered yet, is environmentally conscious apps! There are so many to help you with everything from reducing your carbon footprint to composting. Excited? So are we! Have a look below at some of our favourite Eco Apps that we think you'll love to use.

This one is simple, and can revolutionise the way you shop + choose products. The app simply scans the barcode of products you already own or are considering to buy. The app will then give you easy to understand information on the product, it’s ingredients and even suggests potentially cleaner options

Unsure of how to dispose an item? RecycleSmart is the app for you! It has a database for your neighbourhood and council, letting you know what is okay to recycle in your area! It also has a calendar that lets you keep track of your council rubbish collection days - so no more forgetting to put the bins out, woohoo! The app also let you schedule PickUps for specific recycled goods, or report a complaint about someone who has been dumping their waste illegally.

This ingenious app exists to connect people to recycle their organic waste, make more soil and grow produce. They bring together hosts (who receive organic waste) with donors (who donate their organic waste) to process kitchen scraps into new soil- how about that! We’ve talked about compositing in the past, and it can sometimes be hard depending on the lifestyle you lead. ShareWaste helps solve this! Such a great idea for those who want to recycle their organic waste, but don’t have the space to do it!

GoGreen lets you monitor your individual carbon footprint! The app allows you to track how much electricity, natural gas and water you use each day, helping you make adjustments in the right areas! It also lets you calculate how my carbon dioxide you have emitted into the air, compare your own footprint to that in you community and ultimately reduce your own carbon footprint. Big yes!

These guys have done all of the hard work for you, when it comes ethical and sustainable fashion. As the world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings, they pull all the information together for you and give you an easy-to-understand score to help you with your decisions. As individuals, we have so much power to change the world, simply by being careful in what we buy.

You might already know that we’re big advocates for Ecosia, here at Kappi. We’ve been using it as our search engine of choice for over a year now! If you haven’t already heard, Ecosia simply converts your searches, into trees. Yes, you heard us right: real trees! They invest the profits made by your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. You can use it as a browser on your computer, and as an app on your phone! Read more about why we love them here

Forest is another app that plants trees (!) but it’s operative is to encourage you to put your phone down and focus on your work. Whenever you want to focus, you can ‘plant a tree’, and it will grow while you work. If you leave the app, for a scroll through Instagram for example; your tree will die. Forest team partners with Trees for the Future, an organisation that plants real trees on the earth. How good!

Interested in cycling to work to save the planet, but a little intimidated? Bikemap is here to help you get safely from A to B! Their cycling route planner helps you discover the latest and greatest cycling paths, with turn-by-turn voice navigation so you don’t get lost in the big city. 

This app is your guide to making the best choices you can to reduce your carbon pollution in your everyday life. It focuses on home energy savings and clean energy options, minimising food waste, reducing overconsumption, investing and divesting your money wisely, sustainable fashion and low-impact travel for starters. More than that, it allows you to track your impact as an individual and as a community-inspiring you to do your best!

 Although we’re vegans here, we know that’s not the case for everyone. This app allows you to make an ocean-friendly choice if you do eat seafood. The app is the only app of its kind for Aussie seafood and includes lots of resources to help you make the right decision for you. It was designed to help you make informed seafood choices and play a part in swelling the tide for sustainable seafood in Australia


Do you have a favourite Eco App? Let us know in the comments below! 

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