Eco Friendly Habits that You Should Continue Post-Pandemic

by Maddie Vlismas

While we're super excited to get out of our homes and explore again as COVID restrictions wind back, we've also been pretty reflective of what things are worth rushing back to. Although we haven't been able to use reusables like takeaway coffee mugs as easily, we've picked up some sustainable habits that are worth keeping up when things go back to "normal".

To help you transition in these strange times, we've done a round up of our favourite sustainable practices to continue with in the ever approaching 'post-pandemic' future


Grow your own food!

While this was something we've always been interested in, we didn't really have the means before COVID. During the pandemic we've moved to a much bigger space with a... drum roll please.... proper garden! You might have seen on our Instagram stories that we've planted a whole new veggie garden at our new home where we are growing an insane amount of fruit and veg. It's not quite a habit - but a true lifestyle shift and it's amazing!


~ Drive / fly less

Although this one hasn't quite been a choice as such, it is something that we'll be doing less and less in the future. We've been working from home for the past few months, and now that we've gotten past the initial speed-bumps, it's actually been kind of wonderful. No more road-rage for us! No more paying for fuel every week, and no more sitting in traffic. 

We aren't able to use public transport to get to work, and that's always been something we wished we could change. We ride out bicycles as much as possible, but in Melbourne's unpredictable weather, it's not always an option. 

Since COVID began, we have drastically reduced the amount that we travel in the car (and plane), and we're thinking that habit is here to stay. 

Learn (and listen)

We've had a lot more free time on our hands and have actually been able to take some short courses on the environment in our spare time. We obviously are quite interested in the world around us already and spend a lot of time researching about this and that, but haven't ever had the time to sit down and really learn. We've also been re-watching a lot of our favourite Eco Documentaries which is a great way to learn about specific events and issues effecting our world. You can check out a list of our favourite Eco Documentaries here, and a list of our favourite Eco Books here!

~ Do more with less

Using what you have is a wonderful practice to implement in your lifestyle if you're passionate about the planet. Whenever we buy something, we're always thinking of what else it could double as. We re-use any packaging that we get (if any) and love to Upcycle things into a new life! Being quite handy and crafty is quite a blessing in this sense, but you don't have to be an expert by any means to repurpose anything you have around the house. Head over here to check out some of our favourite ideas for Upcycling and DIY! 

~ Plan your meals

This is something we were all  thinking about when COVID first began. Shelves were emptying and people were panicking. It was hard not to panic yourself amongst all of that!

Being vegetarian and vegan, it's pretty important that we think properly about the nutrients we're getting from our food to fuel us through the day, so meal-prepping and planning has always been a part of our life. During the COVID crisis, it's actually helped us out a LOT. We've been thinking pretty seriously about what order to cook/ use our groceries, in order to get the most out of it all. We're already really big on keeping your fresh food fresh thanks to products like our Silicone Ziplock Bags and Stretch Lids, but other things like using veggie scraps for broth and cooking lentils and other cheap / available legumes have been some of our most useful habits that we've developed. Definitely implementing this type of thinking into our future... 


What have you been doing during COVID that you'll keep up when things go back to normal? We'd love to know!!

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