FAQ Cloth Nappies

by Emily Carlstrom
Q: How many cloth nappies will I need?

A: Here are our recommendations:

  • 8 to 10 cloth nappies for part-time use of 2-3 per day.
  • 12 to 18 cloth nappies for full-time day use of 4-6 per day.
  • 24 to 28 cloth nappies for full time use both day and night.


Q: How do you wash cloth nappies?

A: It’s surprisingly easy once you get started:

  1. Remove solids
    Drop poo in the loo and store the used cloth nappy in a dry pail (bucket)
  2. Pre-wash cycle
    Run a pre-wash cycle 40-60 degrees with detergent every 1-2 days. Store nappy in a dry pail until the main wash.
  3. Main-wash cycle
    Run a long main-wash cycle 40-60 degrees with detergent every 2-3 days.
  4. Hang to dry
    Air dry nappies or use a tumble dryer. 


Q: How do you use cloth nappies when out and about?

A: All it takes is a little preparation and a couple of accessories including:

  • A wet bag to conceal used nappies until you get home. 
  • A travel change mat to create a hygienic change spot for bubs.
  • And don’t forget the clean nappies and wipes!  


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  • Morgan Mendoza

    Are these nappies organic ?

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