Go Eco This Valentines Day

by Emily Carlstrom

Happy Valentines Lovers! 

While we don't necessarily subscribe to all the extravagance surrounding Valentines Day, it's always a good reminder for Fred and I to mentally check in on our relationship and each other. After all, Kappi is a brand born from love - a deep love for both the natural environment and each other.
If you do like to treat that special someone in your life for Valentines day, we've put together a quick list of mostly Melbourne-based ideas for you and your better half.

Mindful Morning Collective, Albert Park, Vic

One of favourite humans, Emma Maidment, co-founded this event so people could come together and share a morning of nourishment, rejuvenation and relaxation. Mindful Mornings combines yoga, meditation, music and food to create an experience of true holistic wellness for participants in the tranquil setting of Greenfields Albert Park. 
This is one of our favourite morning yoga experiences in Melbourne, and this Valentines day they're running a lovers special - 2 tickets for $75 - so you and your lover can start the day off right! Check them out here.

Enjoy a beautiful meal together

Broadsheet have assembled a list of restaurants taking instant bookings this Valentine's Day. Have a browse through their extensive list and book you and your lover a table at one of the hottest restaurants in town.
On the other hand, I find nothing more romantic than when Fred wines and dines me from the comfort of our home. A beautiful home-cooked dinner and a lovely bottle of wine really hits the spot!

Plan a candle-lit picnic

If you want to play things a little more low-key, or rank up the romance and intimacy, a thoughtfully planned picnic never fails. Whether it's to the beach, a park or something further afield, nothing says I love you like a curated spread of his/her favourite treats, laid out on a blanket, surrounded by nature. To make your job easier, Broadsheet have put together a list of Melbourne's best inner-city picnic spots. Check it out here.

Serotonin Eatery Valentine's Day Events

One of our other favourite humans, Emily Hazell, the mastermind behind Melbourne's original plant-based cafe, Seratonin Eatery, is hosting a couple of events for Valentine's lovers.

First up is a beautifully prepared picnic. If you're time-poor mid-week and don't have time to prepare your own, Serotonin has you sorted. Simply choose your time, book a basket, and Serotonin Eatery will do the rest - laying out a beautiful plant-based spread in the idyllic park opposite the cafe.

For those wanting something a little more formal, but just as delicious, Serotonin is hosting an extravagant three-course plant-based dinner, including their signature Sero-tini cocktail. 

Conscious Gifts

If you want to show your love with a gift, we encourage everyone to give consciously this Valentine's Day. Giving a gift for the sake of it is simply consumerism gone mad. Instead, try thinking about what your significant other really needs, what they would really appreciate and what will happen to the gift at the end of its life.

If you're stuck, our range of eco lifestyle products is a great place to start. Oh, and did we mention we've just released our brand-new Bathroom Essentials Kit ft. a year's supply of toothbrushes and our best-selling, flying off the shelves, reusable safety razor in your choice of Matte Gold or Matte Black? Because, guys and gals, if there was ever a day to have minty fresh breath and silky smooth skin, this Thursday the 14th would be it! ;)


On the other hand, if you don't buy in to the commercial side of Valentine's day, stay tuned because next week we have something special coming your way. Coming in hot to your inbox and the blog is the most awesome, totally 100% vegan, nutrient packed banana pancake recipe of all time (or at least we think so). It's our weekend staple and we both get serious withdrawal symptoms if we go without. 

So, keep a look-out for our top-secret recipe headed your way - because nothing says I love you like pancakes served in bed!
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Bathroom Essentials Kit 

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