Good News Wrap Up for 2019

by Maddie Vlismas

While we're glad to be seeing the back of 2019, and are excited for the fresh start that 2020 brings with it, we wanted to remind you that all news isn't bad news. Here's a wrap up of some of the incredibly uplifting and inspiring news headlines that we've seen throughout the last year.


We hope it makes you as excited for the future as we are! There's a lot we can do in the world when we work together. 


From the team here at Kappi, we want to wish you a happy New Year and an eco-friendly 2020 



  • 🐝 Sea turtles are making a huge comeback with their populations increasing by 980%, thanks to the Endangered Species Act

  • 🌍 Sweden has rolled out a great initiative where blood donors get a text message whenever their blood saves a life

  • 🐝 Finnish scientists have developed the world’s first vaccine to help fight off ‘bee apocalypse

  • 🍃 South Korea was able to recycle 95% of food waste (compared to 2% previously!)

  • 🌍 In Nigeria, the Recycle Pay Project allows parents to cover their kid’s tuition fees by collecting and bringing plastic waste to recyclers
  • 🍃 Peru commits to ending deforestation from palm oil manufacturers by 2021. This is a momentous win for wildlife and sustainable agriculture

  • 🐝 Humpback whales have come back from the brink of extinction, with their numbers increasing from only a few hundred, to 25,000!

  • 🌍 In a breakthrough that could save thousands of lives, scientists convert all blood types to the universal type 0 that is safe for all patients to receive

  • 🍃 Scientists found an edible mushroom that eats plastic, and it could clean our landfills

    • 🌍 For the first time ever, mathematics’ most prestigious prize has been awarded to a woman, Karen Uhlenbeck.

    • 🍃 You can now pay for metro tickets in Rome with plastic bottles. So far more than 350,000 bottles have been recycled!

    • 🐝 Canada makes it illegal to use whales/dolphins/proposes for entertainment
      • 🍃 Holland covers hundreds of bus stops with plants - “Green Roofs” - where bees can take refuge!

      • 🍃 A robot called LarvalBot is delivering coral babies to the Great Barrier Reef to help restore coral reefs after suffering bleaching and environmental impacts

      • 🍃 A village in India celebrates their daughters by planting 111 trees every time a girl is born. So far they have planted more than 350,000 trees!

      • 🐝 A German circus uses hologram animals instead of real animals, in an attempt to end animal cruelty

      • 🌍 Sweden premieres the world’s first mental health ambulance after it was revealed more than 1,500 people die annually by suicide

      • 🌍 A record- breaking 4,855 people waited for hours in the rain to get tested for a steam cell test to help save a 5-year-old boy fighting a rare cancer. They found a match! 

      • 🐝 A near-total ban has been approved meaning that baby African elephants will no longer be taken from the wild and sold to zoos and circuses

      •  🌍 Taiwan’s parliament passes historic same-sex marriage law, making it the first place in Asia to do so.

      • 🐝 The Galapagos Iguana makes return to the island almost 200 years after Charles Darwin first recorded them there



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