How to Celebrate Earth Day in Isolation

by Maddie Vlismas

Today is the 50th Earth Day Anniversary, and we wanted to take a moment to express our love and commitment to mama Earth. Here at Kappi, our number one goal is ensuring we're looking after her as best as we can in simple, everyday ways. There is always more work to be done, and that was largely the spirit of the very first Earth Day, way back in 1970. 

For us and many others out there, every day is Earth Day, but today is a day to voice our love, passion and dedication to protecting our planet. Our small contributions *can* make a big difference and we strive for a carbon-free atmosphere for the next generation. 


This year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Earth Day has gone digital to allow you to share your support from your couch. This year's theme for Earth Day is Climate Change, and although we can't take to the streets to vote for change, you can still take part. For this entire week, you can register to listen to some of the brightest minds we have discuss solutions to the most daring challenge humanity has ever faced : the climate crisis. Head over here to check out the program for the Earth Day Week lineup. 

Climate Change is one of the biggest global issues for humanity and the environment, and unless we start implementing the preventative measures for climate change, our future generations will be in real + tangible danger. It's our responsibility as individuals to take the necessary steps for climate change control. 

Head over to Earth Day's Website here for updates on all sorts of events that have gone digital too!


Want to show Mother Nature how much you care today? Easy! Keep reading for a few activities you can do to celebrate indoors

 - Plant a tree! 

As we all know, plants create oxygen which is the basic need for our life. This feels particularly pertinent as Australians who have lost so many trees in the recent bushfires, but the truth is that we're struggling against deforestation and man-made fires all around the globe. Planing trees is also a great way to teach out kids about the importance of trees for the environment. Most importantly, trees absorb CO2 (as well as other gases) from the air and produce oxygen at the same time. On average, one tree produces nearly 117 kilos of oxygen each year! 

- Collect rubbish on the streets, beaches or parks

In this day and age, it's difficult to walk anywhere without spotting several pieces of rubbish on your way. We're all revelling in those precious moments that we can be outside at the moment for exercise, and we've seen so many people out for walks with their dogs and families. Why not bring a bag along with you to collect it as you walk?

- Brainstorm energy friendly changes around the house

Simply switching lightbulbs to LEDs or turning off electronics that are not in use can actually save your household so much wasted energy. Even things like reducing the time that your fridge door is open can make a huge difference!

- Download the Earth Challenge 2020 App

By downloading the Earth Challenge 2020 app, you’ll help gather critical environmental data near your area, providing scientists and other “citizen scientists” with research to help maintain a cleaner planet. Users measure air quality and plastic pollution where they are and add each reading to a global database

- Say goodbye to plastics

This one is a no brainer for us, but you might still be struggling with taking the plunge completely. Make it as easy for yourself as possible to say 'no' to plastic, by investing in your own reusable items that you can use over and over again! Head over here to shop our favourite essentials for a zero-waste life


How are you celebrating Earth Day today? Let us know in the comments below!

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