How to Have an Eco Friendly Easter

by Maddie Vlismas

Here at Kappi we're not overly big on Easter normally, however with everything going on at the moment, it feels important to *do* something (anything!) this Easter long weekend and spend time with loved ones, either in person or over the internet!

While operating in self-isolation, we've been looking more and more to spend quality time with each-other as well as ourselves. Self-care and improvement have been big ticket items for us over the past few weeks, so we're coming at you with some fun, eco-friendly ideas for how you can still enjoy your Easter break. 

~ Eco Easter Egg Treats 

If you have little ones in your household, it's probably a high priority for you to ensure that there is plenty of celebration and chocolate organised this weekend. Easter treats are not the most eco-friendly treats out there as they're wrapped individually - eep! The good news is that there are ways to still get your fill of delicious chocolate and look after the planet too. If you're reading this and have just remembered the bulk pack of Easter Eggs you've already bought - never fear! You can reuse the pretty coloured foil for weekend art projects to keep both you + your little ones occupied.

The best option for buying wrapped eggs is to buy locally made, quality chocolate to support your local artisans. Or - make them yourselves! There are some ah-mazing recipes out there for making delicious chocolates all by yourselves and you can even make them in silicone ice cube trays for a completely zero-waste option!

We also made Vegan Hot Cross Buns for Easter this year, and they are next level delicious! Head on over for the blog post + recipe!  

~ Easter Egg Hunt / Basket Decorating

If you're looking to switch things up this year and make your Easter celebration a green one, there are plenty of ways you can go about it. Our favourite thing about Easter Celebrations is the creativity of it all - we want you to break out the hot glue and the felt and get crafty. For the young ones in our family, we like to throw a scavenger hunt that gets their brains working hard without all of the extra foil and plastic eggs. We draw maps, bury treasure (i.e. knick knacks from around the house) and reward them with our own homemade treats in the end. No more melted + wasted supermarket eggs for us! Another fun idea is dyeing real eggs with natural food dyes, however we're a vegan household so that one doesn't work for us. You can even paint wooden eggs and craft your own if you're up for it!

On that same note - Easter Baskets were a big thing in our family growing up, but we've found better ways to do it now that we're running the show 😉. Growing up, my Grandma loved to buy brand new baskets every year for my brother and I, and would spend time + money decorating them with all sorts of plastic goodies. Our grown up, eco-alternative is second hand baskets (or even handmade ones) that we decorate together with craft equipment that we already own. Think ribbons from old presents, tissue paper kept from online orders and lots of paint. It's now a super fun and easy activity that entertains the whole family!

~ Sustainable Gardening

Looking for something else to do this weekend that's not as Easter focussed? Why not have a crack at Sustainable Gardening? You can propagate and re-grow all sorts of veggies simply from their scraps! If you're already in the habit of collecting your food scraps, this will be super easy. 

Making full use of a plants ability to grow new roots and regenerate is a great way to use natural processes to your advantage and it can also help you reduce the amount of food waste that you generate in your home.

Some of our favourite veggies to regrow include potatoes & sweet potatoes, celery + leek, carrots, onions, beets and even herbs!

~ Try an indoor picnic / backyard camping + Skype with family

Something that we tried for the first time ever this week was an indoor picnic! The sun was streaming through our apartment windows for the first time in days (courtesy of Melbourne's unpredictable weather) and we took full advantage by moving our furniture out of the way and throwing a big blanket + sheet down on the carpet. As per a usual picnic, we prepped a bunch of fresh + fruity snacks and then soaked up the sun like a cat straight from our living room floor. It was pretty magic, to be honest and it's definitely worth a go! 

This weekend, we've even coordinated with our interstate family to all log into a big Skype chat for our family's annual Easter catch up. As apartment dwellers without a backyard, we're going to run a cute indoor easter hunt before catching up with our families via Skype from our indoor picnic fort.


How are you guys going green this Easter weekend? We'd love to know!

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