How To Make Your Grocery Shop More Sustainable 💚

by Maddie Vlismas

Here at Kappi, we want to make it as easy as possible to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

Making small changes in your everyday life can make a huge impact, so we've broken down some really simple swaps you can do to make your weekly grocery shop more sustainable.

BYO Grocery Bags

2018 was the year that we saw the nationwide ban free plastic bags offered in supermarkets. Within the first 12 months, it was estimated that the ban had already saved a whopping 4.7 billion single-use plastic bags from landfill. 

While this change was inspiring (and well overdue, mind you) it still hasn't fixed the problem. Plastic bags are still available to purchase in supermarkets for a 10c fee.

Instead, make it your mission to always remember to bring your reusable bags when doing a grocery shop. Our Reusable Cotton Grocery Bags are a perfect example of how easy (and stylish) it can be to remember your reusable grocery bags. They're not only lightweight, but they can also fold up to be so incredibly small that you can have them hidden in all sorts of places. Make it a habit to keep a set in the car, near the front door and at the bottom of your day bag so that you're never caught off guard! 

Image via @brookeartstudio

BYO Produce Bags

Say goodbye to endless plastic produce bags, and say hello to a reusable alternative! We love using our Reusable Bulk Food Bags and our Reusable Mesh Produce Bags for fruit, veggies, nuts, baking ingredients... you name it- these bags can do it! Simply fill them up with whatever goodies you're planning to cook with for the week and just like that you've eliminated a whole chain of plastic waste

If you're already at the grocery store and realise you've forgotten your reusable bags- never fear. Just put them in your trolley loose, and give them a rinse when you get home. Most fruits and veggies need to be rinsed before cooking them anyway, and this way you're even more likely to buy the exact amount that you need! 

Kappi Produce Bags
Shop in Bulk

If you can, try shopping in bulk. It's not only a super affordable way to shop, but you're cutting out any plastic packaging which we're all for. This is another place where our Bulk Food Bags come in handy, but you can also bring glass jars or containers to fill up the exact amount you need

Kappi Mesh Produce Bags

Shop Organic

Food represents one fifth of an average family’s footprint, which means that when you’re doing your shopping you can choose to respect the environment. Veggies grown out of season are grown in greenhouses, which takes a high amount of energy, and importing food from other countries often means that your veggies won't be as fresh and more pesticides and chemicals are used to preserve them.

Shopping at a farmer's market not only supports local farmers, but it's also a vote against the industrialised food system. It's also just a really fun weekend ritual to develop.

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