How to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable 💚

by Maddie Vlismas

At Kappi, we're firm believers that it's the individual actions that determine the collective action. People power is a force to be reckoned with and small changes can make all the difference!

Making simple swaps in your kitchen can cut out a whole lot of plastic waste from your life, but also cut out a lot of food waste too. Here are some of our favourite (and simple) ways to eliminate waste in the kitchen

Food Storage Solutions


Plastic wrap or cling film was originally a mistake of chemistry, but is used by consumers all around the world. In the USA alone, consumers are buying so much plastic film, they could cling wrap the entire state of Texas.

Our Silicone Stretch Lids are a great alternative to cling wrap. They come with six different sizes to stretch over most bowls, but can even be used in place of a lid for a jar, or even to stretch over half a lemon or avocado to keep it fresh. The best part? They're completely airtight so you don't have to worry about spills! That way you can save all of your tupperware just for lunches and meal prep. 


By storing our produce and dry foods in a better way, you can extend their lifespan exponentially and cut out a whole range of single-use plastics from your kitchen drawers. 

Both our Stretch Lids and Silicone Ziplock Bags are completely airtight which means that you'll be keeping your fruit and veg fresher for much, much longer, which cuts down on food waste as well! They're also great for freezing food too. We love to meal prep or smoothie prep, and chuck it all in our Ziplocks straight into the freezer. 


Cutlery + Straws

We throw away billions and billions of plastic cutlery sets and plastic straws each year and they're can take centuries to break down naturally, giving the plastic waste ample time to work its way into the environment which is why they're constantly being found in the bellies of our sea life, birds, and mammals.

Carrying your own reusable cutlery set is an incredibly simple way to eliminate and severely reduce your own use of single-use plastics. Our Grab n Go kit includes a set of bamboo cutlery + chopsticks as well as a reusable stainless steel straw + cleaner so that you're prepared for anything. 


BYO Drink Bottles

Let’s face it: we Australians have a love affair with our plastic water bottles. In 2018, we purchased 33.3L of bottled water per person. That means we spent an average of $1.80 per litre on what is essentially a free resource. But that’s not the scary thing: all these plastic bottles end up in landfill, where the fragments contaminate our soil and are ingested by our wildlife.

Our Stainless Steel Water Bottles are a surefire way to make sure you're avoiding plastic waste (and they're pretty too!). A fun tip is using a Soda Stream to fill your drink bottle up with lovely, bubbly water! It's a great reminder for us to drink more water as well...

Kappi 600ml Drink Bottle

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