Let’s do this together: How we can all support the Australian bushfire crisis

by Emily Carlstrom

One of the most amazing things about our country is the way we all band together in times of need. The devastating bushfires currently raging around Australian have had an extreme impact on homes, businesses and lives. 

While Australians are no strangers to natural disasters, the rising climate is causing our fire season to become longer, hotter and a whole lot more destructive. Climate change is real and the past few months have shown us just what that looks like.

The Australian public has been incredible in showing their support, love and generosity for those affected by the bushfires. Our country has not only been united by what has occured, we have also received amazing support from international celebrities and icons. Recently, we here at Kappi were able to raise over $27,000 for Wires Wildlife Rescue, The NSW Rural Fire Service, The Victorian CFA and Red Cross Australia in a single weekend. The generosity of our community has not gone unnoticed and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

While we all want to play our part and give as much as we can, know that it’s ok if you can’t make a monetary donation. There are so many money-free ways you can provide support during this time and make a real difference. Whether you are looking to donate or give support in another way, here are some ways that you can lend a helping hand.

Money-free ways to provide support

While some incredible efforts have been made to raise money, we don’t all have the means to do so. Simply using social media to share fundraisers, stories and announcements is an amazing way to keep the conversation going and ensure that as much information is out there as possible. Our voices are powerful and we can use them to make a difference. 

Following fire bans and water restrictrictions (and encouraging others to do so) are a fantastic way to play your part. These precautions are put in place to keep everyone safe and the importance of abiding by them cannot be understated. If you have free time, donate it to the cause. Whether that be through volunteering, cooking meals or assisting in other ways, we need all the help we can get. If you can do so, offer up your home to those who are in need of accommodation or donate any non-perishable food items.

We have all seen first-hand how our wildlife is suffering because of these devastating bushfires and while it might seem like a small act, leaving a dish of water out for animals could help to save a life. Wildlife services are stretched thin during this time so our animals need us to lend a hand.

Providing monetary support

There have been some incredible fundraisers set up to help bushfire victims, firefighters and wildlife. If you can, making a donation of any amount is amazing and no donation is too small. Many businesses have pledged to donate all or a portion of sales to the bushfires, so making a purchase from these brands will go a long way. Wildlife VictoriaAustralian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW volunteer fire fighting), CFA (VIC volunteer fire fighting) and WIRES (Rescuing Wildlife) and many more are also places that you can donate. 

Many local businesses have suffered and will continue to suffer from the bushfires and so supporting them in any way you can is a great way to help. Visit the towns that rely on tourist dollars, buy from their stores, sit down at their cafes and stay in their accommodation. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this amazing initiative, Spend With Them.

However you can provide support, your help goes a long way and the impact of all our actions can make a huge difference. No gesture is too small and no act goes unnoticed. Let’s unite and do this together.

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