Our Guide to Sustainable Sex

by Maddie Vlismas

It's time we had the talk. You know- that talk. 

Here at Kappi we make it our mission to keep sustainability in mind for every facet of our everyday lives. We've already talked about integrating our eco-conscious choices into our homes, workplaces, travel habits, beauty regimens- you name it! 

Sustainable sex has already been on our minds for quite a while, but now, it's finally time to get down and dirty and lay it all out on the table. 



Saying no to plastics and non-recyclable packaging can be tricky when looking into protection as most have to legally have to be airtight for health and safety reasons. We want you to take care of one another, and staying safe from STD’s and unplanned pregnancy is #1 on our list when it comes to thinking about sustainability.

No one really knows exactly how long it take for a condom to biodegrade. What we do know however, is that they do not break down underwater water- please, please don’t ever flush your condoms down the toilet! We’re big fans of Jonny, who make vegan friendly, organic condoms. Not only are they already lubricated and palm oil free, Jonny condoms also come with a FabLittleBag, which encourages you to dispose of your personal items properly. Sadly, statistics say that even now, most condoms are flushed down the toilet, which is having a devastating effect on marine life and waterways. The bag itself is completely biodegradable and aligns with Jonny’s goal to change the stigma and lack of conversation when it comes to s-e-x. They’re also packaged in recyclable boxes and mailer bags- win!

There are million + one options out the for contraception, and we’re not about to tell you what’s best for your body-only you know what’s best for you! If you’re in a committed relationship and want to find a completely eco-friendly method, you’ve got a little more choice. There’s app tracking, semi-permanent internal birth control methods like IUDs and diaphragms which cut down on excessive packaging. There’s also a range of hormonal options like the pill, but unfortunately the packets cannot be recycled. Go have a chat with your GP or gynaecologist to find the best option out there for you.


Save water: don’t shower together if you catch our drift…

Don’t get it twisted-we're all for actually saving water by showering together, (especially as our climate continues to heat up!) But when it comes to shower sex, we’d advise against it. Although it can be super fun, watching our water usage is always on our minds in Australia. If you want to save energy while getting ‘jiggy with it’ maybe consider turning your lights off instead? Who says you have to wait for Earth Hour!



If toys are your kind of thing, there are plenty of options on the market that are sustainably made. Our advice when choosing a toy for the budoir, is to say no to single use items and instead, invest in something  that you love, that’s going to last. We suggest choosing toxin free materials like silicone, stainless steel, glass and recycled plastic as well. Not only are these materials better for you and your bed buddy, but they’re better for the earth too as typical plastic toys can take hundreds of years to break down and a crazy amount of resources to produce. Plus, enjoy the added bonus of avoiding toxins that generic sex toys may be made with or coated in.

Something else to consider, is how your device operates. In landfill, batteries are one of the biggest contributors and they’re toxic too. Rechargeable toys are leading the way at the moment, and there are even some solar options too!

Choosing an environmentally friendly and organic lubricant is another way to reduce your sexy footprint. You might not know that conventional lube is often made from petroleum (ick) so it’s important to choose one that’s good for your body and for the planet. It’s important to note that natural oils aren’t compatible with condoms, because they can compromise the latex, so it’s important to choose ones that work together! Turn that privacy button on your browser on (or don’t) and have a cheeky browse at some of the incredible sustainable options out there.



We’re firm believers in feeling confident in your own skin, so when we we’re thinking about sustainable sex, lingerie wasn’t really at the top of our list. But- it might be at the top of your’s! If that’s the case, we recommend investing in something that makes you feel good, that actually is good. Organic, sustainable and ethically made items are super sexy where it’s at for us. Invest in a few quality pieces that make you feel strong and confident and re-wear them. Trust us, your bed buddy is not going to mind what you’re wearing, as long as it ends up on the floor.

When it comes to sustainability and sex, we want you to take a leaf out of Jonny’s book and say, “to heck with self-consciousness!”. It’s so important to break down the stigma of talking about s-e-x as avoiding it isn’t doing anyone any favours. If having the conversation helps us love and respect our bodies and our planet a little more, we’re all for it!

Have we missed anything? Please reach out and let us know, we’d love to hear what you think!

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