Our Tips for Staying Safe + Sane during COVID- 19

by Maddie Vlismas

Hey there, Kappi Warriors, how are you all doing? These are some wild times folks, and it's more important than ever to look after ourselves and each other.

In light of the COVID-19 turbulence, we thought it would be a good idea to reach out to you, our beautiful community, to remind you that although things are a little different right now - we're still as committed to the planet (and you) as we've always been.

With councils and governments banning the use of reusable mugs and such, it can feel frustrating to move back to single-use items after obtaining for so long. We hear you! Instead, we want you to re-think how we can stick to our moral and ethical commitments while staying healthy during the time of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Here are our tips + tricks for getting through this together

Look after your immune system.

This is the first line of defence when something as crazy as this is happening. You can do this in so many different ways, but for us, we take an Immune health supplement almost all year round to help our bodies fight off anything in the air. We also love to juice! One of our fav immune boosters is ginger (lots of it), oranges + apples, celery, some kind of leafy green, lemon and turmeric - yum!

You're probably sick of hearing this but - wash yo' damn hands. Wash them as thoroughly as you can, for about 60 seconds to ensure you're separating any germs from your hands. Hand Sanitiser is only useful if it's 'antibacterial' otherwise, it's not killing anything. With the coronavirus, soap is the real Queen so use it well.

Working from home is also a great idea to help you + those around you reduce the flow of the virus. Most of our team have been doing this for the past few days already, and our warehousing team are being extra careful in distancing themselves as much as possible. 

Look after your mental health .

Working from home, like us? We recommend trying to operate as closely to your usual routine to boost productivity. Get dressed, brush your hair, eat your breakfast and read the paper all before booting up your computer. Crack those windows for as much fresh air as possible and open the blinds. Sunshine is a mood booster! 

Be sure to take a proper lunch break, and go stretch your legs if you can! Play some music and schedule a time each day to check in with your co-workers, so you'll feel accountable and will operate on a usual schedule. 

While we're distancing ourselves physically, we want to make sure you don't distance yourself mentally. Loneliness is beast when social distancing and we want you to be proactive. Don't cancel your coffee dates too quickly - instead use this an opportunity to call your family + friends over the phone or even Skype to catch up!

If you're not working and are just chilling at home - relax, take some time for yourself and ask for help if you need it. Have a bath, look after your skin with a  face masque, do some crafts and fix / clean / finish that thing you've been meaning to. Why not watch all the Oscar films you promised you would? Don't treat this time like a punishment, treat it as a moment for self-reflection and productivity. 

Look after your loved ones + your community. 

We've heard of some amazing stories of human kindness during the virus, and have been so inspired by these acts of generosity and love. If you're not in quarantine, but know someone who is, why not reach out to see if there's anything you can do to help them. It might be a simple as leaving a roll of TP or some groceries at their front door or giving them a call to keep them entertained. Whatever it is, we know in our hearts that it's times like these that allow us all to look after one another. 

Feed your body and mind.

- Leave some for others. We in no way condone panic buying - this is not the apocalypse (yet) and your grocery store will not close, so don't buy it if you don't need it. For real. 

- Make coffee at home! This one is a no-brainer for us, as most of our team are coffee fiends. Our first coffee of the day is always made at home, and any extras are bought using our reusable mugs. However, with strict enforcements on have-in food and drink and reusable containers, it's the perfect time to master your brew at home. Pull out that old plunger you've been neglecting and give her a whirl. If you haven't got a coffee bean subscription like we do, today might be the day to suss out your best option. There are plenty of low to no waste subscriptions around or find a coffee shop that will refill your coffee tin. Our productivity is soaring during this working from home stint thanks to our constant cuppa-joe. Self-isolation never smelt so good.

- Been planning on swapping to a more environmentally friendly milk option? Now's the time to give it a crack. Most alternative milk options like soy, almond, coconut and oat are available in the long life section. While the pasta section of the long-life aisle is tumbleweeds and crickets, the alternative milks are as available as ever. You'll find us at home, social distancing ourselves from society and living off cereal and granola - happy as clams!

 - Can't find canned goods or staples like rice? Sad times, but no problem - we made our own 'canned goods' by soaking and cooking dried chickpeas and beans and storing them in our big 1500ml Ziplock Bags. Now's the time to think creatively. We've already mentioned that we're getting real into cereal and granola, but we also love to make wraps and sandwiches. Not entirely groundbreaking over here, but they're delicious and you can make them however you want. A crazy easy way to keep your tums full + happy. 

- Have you tried bulk food stores? The Source Bulk Foods is one of our faves, and they have a big supply of staples like pasta and rice available. They even have natural hand soap! 

What you guys are cooking or doing while the options at the supermarket are dwindling and you're cooped up at home? We want to know!

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  • ebony

    I’ve been cooking some vegan sweet potato brownies and bliss balls 😍😍 just wanted to let you know i absolutely love your company so much. i am so keen on the idea of reusable products and looking after the environment. would LOVE to start my own business in it one day. love you guys

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