The Dangers of Using Plastic Water Bottles

by Aimee Russo

Grabbing a plastic water bottle from the fridge may be convenient on a hot day, but did you know that this seemingly innocuous action actually poses a serious health risk to both yourself and the environment? Talk about the dangers of using these products won’t go away and there's plenty of reasons why. Read on below to find out the truth about plastic water bottles and you won’t go back.  

Bad for your health

It’s hardly a secret that plastic water bottles are bad for your health, but with mounting research supporting these assertions, the argument is becoming more concrete. Research indicates that the chemicals used to make these products are dangerous for human health and can lead to disruption of the endocrine system, kidney and liver failure, fertility issues, cancers and a range of other concerning problems. BPA in particular is one such culprit that has been banned throughout many countries for these exact reasons, however, it’s not the only thing to be wary of. Similar chemicals used by manufacturers can just as easily seep out of plastic bottles and contaminate the water inside. So, even if you decide to purchase BPA-free products, your health is still at risk.

Tip: reusing plastic water bottles is a bad idea, even if you think it’s being more responsible. Over time, or when exposed to hot conditions, the chemicals used to make plastic become even more prone to breaking down which means your chance of drinking polluted water goes up.

It harms the environment

Plastic water bottles harm the environment in many ways. Firstly, making them requires a great amount of finite resources that we simply can’t spare. If we’re talking about water, it takes at least 2 litres to make a 1 litre bottle. The other issue relates to greenhouse gas emissions that go into the atmosphere and create untold problems. Global warming is no joke and the above process is contributing to increased sea levels, hotter climates, animal extinction, droughts and so much more. The final concern relating to the planet is that plastic water bottles aren’t biodegradable, regardless of what people may say. This means that something that you drink from once and throw into the trash without a second thought will actually last for thousands of years. It may be buried in landfill which can poison the earth or find its way into our oceans, which is bad news for marine life and us humans.    

You may be getting ripped off!

The final danger of using plastic water bottles is that you may actually be getting ripped off at the cash register. Some suppliers present an image of a pristine mountain or waterfall, while in reality their product is actually sourced from something that we all have access to, the tap. Roughly 25% of bottled water comes from your municipal water supply and is marketed as being pure and full of life-changing goodness. This means you’re getting charged an exorbitant amount for something that you could get for free. There’s also an issue with the quality of some bottled water products, as samples collected have been found to contain mold, microbes, phthalates and a bunch of other nasties. In some cases, it’s not uncommon for humble tap water to rate better than bottled options in terms of purity.  

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