The Short Straw Campaign

by Emily Carlstrom



You may have seen our video on Instagram or Facebook or you may have just stumbled across this page but it means the world to us that you made it and want to help us spread our message and the Short Straw Campaign.

We've got a really exciting initiative for Plastic Free July that we need your help with. Throughout Plastic Free July, we'll be running something called the Short Straw Campaign where we'll be giving 100 FREE reusable KAPPI gold stainless steel straws to any cafe that signs up and agrees to stop using single use plastic straws. No catch. No cost. 

We've run the numbers and busy cafes can use between 50,000 - 100,000 plastic straws a year. Even if we only sign up 10 cafes - we will potentially be removing 1 million plastic straws from the waste stream annually. 

We need your help to show cafes that you're not ok with Australia's waste epidemic - nominate your favourite cafe that is still using single-use plastic straws by tagging them in the comments section of this post  or on our Instagram post and we'll do the rest. In return, if your nominated cafe signs up with us because of your referral we'll send you a two pack of our gold KAPPI straws.

So go ahead, ignite your inner eco warrior and nominate your favourite cafe. 

If you're a cafe and you're interested in signing up to the Short Straw Campaign or want to find out more information - contact us via and we'll send you our media kit explaining all of the finer details.


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