We Thought It Was About Time We Said Hi!

by Emily Carlstrom

Hi, we’re Fred and Em, husband and wife, co-conspirators, partners in crime and founders of Kappi. We created Kappi to fill a need for beautifully-designed, incredibly functional and fairly-priced reusable alternatives to single-use plastics.

It was early 2017 when our journey towards reducing our environmental footprint truly began. Prior to this, we thought we were doing our best. Sorting our recycling, replacing our incandescent lights with LEDs, taking public transport whenever possible - there were no shortage of mental high-fives we were giving ourselves over these little changes. And while these were great first steps, it wasn’t until the ABC’s War On Waste that we realised the true scale of Australia’s waste epidemic and the devastating effect our own mindless consumption of single-use plastics was having on our natural environment.

Almost overnight we became super aware of the excessive levels of waste we were generating every week and set out to find alternatives to some of the most common single-use plastic items. But it was hard. At the time, the majority of reusable alternatives were either a) pretty daggy; b) very expensive; or c) shock horror, packaged in plastic!

Kappi Beach Clean-up Australia

So you could say that Kappi was started to fill our own desire for affordable, gorgeous and functional reusables. We wanted to create products that we would be proud to carry around with us everywhere. Products that were so effortless to use that they would become second nature. Products that were so well designed and so well built that they would last a decade or more. And, most importantly, products that at the end of their life cycle could be returned to the earth having had no negative effect to the overall health of this planet we call home.

It seems like there may be quite a few others out there on a similar journey towards a more waste-free life. For that we humbly thank you. After just over 12 months, our little side-project has skyrocketed and we’re holding on for dear life - enjoying every up and down on this crazy roller-coaster.

However, no matter where this journey takes us, we can promise you this. We are in this for the intent more than we are for the returns. Our products will always be designed to maximise value for our customers - no corners cut, no shortcuts taken. Only the most durable, best designed and fairest priced reusables on the market. That’s our commitment, both to you and to the earth.

Em From Kappi Beach Clean-Up

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  • Tanya Wilkins

    I was really excited to see your website, what fantastic products!

    Do you make these here in Australia??


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