Why switch to Shampoo and Conditioner Bars?

by Emily Carlstrom

When deciding to expand our product range we knew we had to add Zero Waste Haircare to our lineup. Plastic bottles of hair care products contribute greatly to landfill and water wastage and this was such an easy swap for our team to make!

But why make the change?

Well the current stats tell us that only 9% of plastic ever made has been recycled and we produce about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. Not too mention the amount of water wasted in the production of conventional shampoos and conditioners.

Did you know that the average bottle of shampoo is diluted with up to 60% water and conditioner is diluted with around 90%?! Furthermore, it takes approx 700ml of water to create one 350ml plastic bottle of product?

We need to ditch single-use, disposable plastic and one of the easiest changes you can make is to switch to solid bars in plastic-free packaging.

Still not convinced? Here's a little more about Ethique, the brand we've chosen to partner with.

Not only are their bars AMAZING but what the company stands for is amazing as well.

Ethique is a New Zealand company, born and bred in Christchurch. The brainchild of biologist Brianne West, Ethique started in her kitchen when she began experimenting with solid shampoo back in 2012. She wanted to rid the world of plastic bottles, but as the company has now grown that ambition has grown too. Ethique want to make sustainable products the norm and they claim to be the worlds most sustainable cosmetics brand.

Their products are:

  • made with biodegradable, naturally-derived, sustainably sourced ingredients
  • palm-oil free
  • vegan
  • plastic free

Not too mention;

  • They are New Zealand's highest rating BCorp
  • They're Certified cruelty-free
  • They Donates 20% of profits to charities to support animal rescue, community education and environmental conservation
  • And, they're living wage certified employers 

 You can shop our range of Zero Waste Haircare here.

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