Why You Should Swap to a Natural Deodorant

by Maddie Vlismas

Deodorant is a way of life here in Australia, so it's important that you're using one that's good for your body and the planet too. 

Making the swap to a natural deodorant like ours from Pits of Joy was a no-brainer for us, as it reduces the amount of plastic in your bathroom. Turns out there are so many other reasons to make the swap to a natural deodorant - keep reading to find out why you should make the swap too!

~ Less plastic. 

Our deodorant from Pits of Joy comes in a reusable glass jar. Not only does it look super cute on your bathroom counter, but you can even refill it at select grocery stores! Head over to their Stockists page on their website to find out how! 

~ You know what you're getting. 

Pits of Joy is a paste-like deodorant that's made up of 100% certified organic and natural ingredients! Transparency is super important to us, so we *love* that we know exactly what we're putting onto our skin.

Pits of Joy is made using a skin nourishing shea butter, moisture-absorbing arrowroot flour, odour-eliminating bicarbonate soda, coconut oil; the great all-rounder, and some skin-loving jojoba. Add a dash of certified organic essential oils, and you’ve got yourself Pits of Joy! For that gorgeous natural Lemongrass + Lavender deodorant scent, Pits of Joy use bergamot, spike lavender and lemongrass essential oils. For their Cedar + Clove scent, they use a gender-neutral, essential oil blend of cedarwood atlas, clove bud, patchouli and bergamot Yum!

~ Takes care of your skin!

When you sweat, you release toxins from your body. Traditional deodorant often contains aluminium salt to stop you from sweating altogether and blocks the pores in the under-arm, and traps this toxins in your body. Instead, natural deodorants simply neutralise any bad odour and bacteria and absorb any excess sweat with natural ingredients like baking soda. 

~ No more white marks!

You know exactly what we're talking about. Those annoying white marks on all your coloured tops from the ingredients in your deodorant... Well no more! White marks come from something called 'aluminium chloride' thats in most deodorants and builds on your clothes. Natural + chemical free deodorants like Pits of Joy means that's a thing of the past! 

Make the swap today! Shop yours here

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