Zero Waste Nut Mylk

by Emily Carlstrom
When we first came across Ulu Hye's range of zero-waste nut mylk bases we knew we had to share them with the Kappi Community! 
But what on earth are Nut Mylk bases??? And why do you need these in your life?
Ulu Hye's Nut Mylk Bases prevent tetra paks of milk being sent to landfill - that's right - they cannot be recycle! 
Ulu Hye's Mylk Bases are a condensed version of what you would find in a plant-based milk carton (but without the water).
This idea has helped prevent 500,000 milk cartons from ending up in landfill, and that number is only growing! 
All you do is scoop out the base and blend with water for a minute to make your own mylk at home. 
Not only are we saving cartons from ending up in landfill, but gone are the days of pouring half-empty milk cartons down the sink as you only make just as much mylk as you need, when you need. 
With one jar making 10 litres of mylk, you’ll essentially never run out of mylk at home again!
You can shop Ulu Hye's range of Nut Mylks here
Have you tried these before? Let me know what you thoughts are in the comments below. 

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