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    If we continue to produce – and fail to properly dispose of – plastics at predicted rates, by the year 2050, there will be more pieces of plastic rubbish in our ocean than there will be fish.


    Sustainably produced bamboo cutlery for Australians everywhere

    We recently discovered that France passed a new law to ban plastic cups, plates and cutlery by 2020 and to push for compostable, biologically sourced materials. Until that law can pass in Australia, we can all play a part in reducing single-use plastic in our homes today.

    Kappi has introduced a range of bamboo cutlery sets for the eco-conscious shopper. Suitable and handy for travelling, outdoor social gatherings like picnics, and even when visiting takeaway restaurants that only provide plastic disposables, our bamboo cutlery is made of light-weight material, so it won’t wear you down as you carry it around. It’s also stylish, so it’s great with school lunches.

    Wooden cutlery vs bamboo cutlery: which one is the better alternative?

    We all play a part in helping to reduce single-use plastics in Australia. We’re hoping for a movement where plastic cutlery, straws and even drink stirrers will be a thing of the past. Bamboo cutlery is one of the ways in which we’re helping eco-conscious individuals make more sustainable choices when it comes to their lifestyle. Technically a grass, bamboo is a highly renewable resource. It can be cut without killing the plant, and it grows faster than any other wood.

    Not only is bamboo cutlery great for hot and cold food, it’s also stain-resistant and odour-free. If you’re living on a tight budget, bamboo cutlery and cooking equipment is also inexpensive, and can be used multiple times before throwing away in the compost bin. Best of all, our bamboo cutlery is 100% biodegradable. Plus, they just look really good.

    Wooden cutlery, whilst still 100% compostable, is less resistant to food staining, water, and can present a favourable environment for bacteria. When you want to go green, our bamboo cutlery is a great way to make a difference to the planet.

    Buy reusable bamboo utensils to help the planet

    Reducing your carbon footprint begins with just one small step, and we’re here to help you make more eco-conscious choices. Lead by example and help eliminate plastic cutlery from ending up in landfills by buying Kappi bamboo forks and knives online.

    Using clean lines and simple functionality, Kappi offers a range of lifestyle products for the modern eco-warrior: in addition to our bamboo cutlery, you can buy cotton, ecovegetable and mesh produce bags online that look good, feel good, and most importantly, do good.

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