Brands We Love : CLEONIE Swim

by Maddie Vlismas

We launched our Brands We Love series, because we think it's so important to use our influence for good and want to take the opportunity to share with you likeminded individuals who take sustainability seriously. Our first cab off the rank was with one of the lovely founders of Jonny: a new vegan friendly, sex positive condom brand, made for ladies by ladies. Haven't read it yet? You can here

We're so very excited to announce our newest feature in our Brands We Love Series * drum roll please * : the wonderful Cleonie Swim

If you haven't yet heard of Cleonie, today's your lucky day! Cleonie Swim is an ALL Australian made and designed swimwear label from the sunny shores of the Central Coast in NSW. Created from the incredible mind of designer Kitty Scott, a self proclaimed mermaid who adores beautiful swimwear and the creative process of making something from a piece of cloth and a flicker of an idea. 

You can read our interview with the fabulously talented Kitty from Cleonie below. 


Hey Kitty! For those who might not know you as well as we do : can you tell us a little about CLEONIE Swim and where the idea for your beautiful business came from?

CLEONIE means Goddess of the Water and with that our mission is to help protect the oceans by using fabrics made from post consumer waste and fishing nets found polluting our seas. 

I come from a lineage of seamstresses and found my purpose in design, sewing and creating a garment from a piece of fabric. I love it, and feel this is my calling and purpose to create swimwear for women, helping clean up our planet and to follow my calling in life. 

You have made so many amazing commitments to being a sustainable, slow fashion brand. Why is this so important to you?

I am an Aussie girl with the desire to better this gorgeous country of ours by producing all our swim in house; cut and made to order reducing as much waste as possible in the process.  We have the resources now to be sustainable in every facet, so there is never an excuse to be anything but conscious of the decisions we are making in business and as a community. 

Yes! We wholeheartedly agree. What do you think has been your biggest challenge so far?

There are always new mountains to climb on this never-ending journey of business; there have been many a high point from showcasing the collection at MBFWA to being featured in RUSSH magazine and stocked in major retailers, to low points of poor marketing decisions with financial losses that have a flow-on affect.  At times, it can be emotionally challenging, and others, more commonly extremely rewarding to see the pieces being sent all over the world to women who wear them with such confidence and pride. 

Producing ‘Made to Order’ swimwear is such a huge deal for the modern woman and is an incredibly unique process! What does this mean to you?

We want to celebrate the woman!! As every woman is unique, every woman has insecurities they wish to hide. Being in swimwear can be a very vulnerable act for some, which is why being able to create custom pieces for women can help showcase the feminine and celebrate the beauty that shines from within when they are confident.  

What’s next up for you + CLEONIE Swim?

CLEONIE is off to the US to showcase our upcoming collections at Miami Swim Fashion week. We want to spread the love of sustainable swimwear across the globe, not only with our range of beautifully painted artwork pieces, but also with our new upcoming Eco one size fits all crinkle fabric.  Being conscious, every step of the way. 


Has that caught your attention? You can check Cleonie out here

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