Eco Activities to Keep You Busy During Self-Isolation

by Maddie Vlismas

As more and more cities around the world head into lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus, we know you must be wondering what the heck you're going to do with all this extra free time on your hands... Us too! 

With single-use items back on the cards for safety, it kinda feels like all your hard work remembering your reusables every single day is for nothing. Never fear, Eco Warriors! There's still plenty you can do to look after Mother Nature (and your mental health) while avoiding the outside world.

We've done a deep dive of our favourite recipes and DIY's to bring you our roundup for fighting those isolation blues. 

This is *finally* the time for you to start and finish that project that you've been putting aside forever. Mend your clothes, clean your house, and more importantly - have a crack at a home DIY or Upcycle something you already own!

Basically, Upcycling is turning trash into treasure. It's sprucing up a piece of furniture that you never quite liked, or pulling out the scizzors and sewing machine to alter that shirt / dress / skirt etc that never fit quite right. Have a look at our full guide on Upcycling here

DIY Face Scrub
A little bit of self care never hurt anyone, and to be honest with you - it's exactly what we need for our mental health right now. Have a crack at making our DIY Face Scrub, fill up a bubble bath and shave your legs. Trust us, you'll feel like a brand new human.

Vegan Choc Chic Cookies
I don't know about you guys, but when I'm stressed I bake. Cakes, cookies, pies - you name it and you can bet that I've stress cooked it. For this particularly stressful time, however, I recommend our Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Just you wait - chocolate will fix everything *

Zero Waste Carrot Green Pesto
If you're lucky enough to have some pasta left over in your cupboard - well done. Suck it panic-buyers, we've had this pasta at the back of our cupboard forever. If this pasta recipe doesn't soothe all of your anxieties from the current climate, we don't know what will. Have a go at whipping up our favourite Zero-Waste (woo!) Carrot Green Pesto Recipe - yum!

Some other ideas to try :

! Great for the soul + great for the planet. It's a win-win! Sustainable gardening is all the rage at the moment, and who could say no to growing your own veggies?! 


Home Yoga or Meditation! This one is a given for us, but maybe it's not for you. We try to practice every day, for mental clarity and to soothe anxiety. It's also super important to stretch those muscles if you've been cooped up all day. There are so many yoga teachers who have taken their classes into the virtual world while non-essential services are on lockdown, so why not use this as an opportunity to find your flow?

What have you been doing while stuck in isolation? Get in touch - we'd love to know!

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