Choosing your reusable travel cutlery set

by Emily Carlstrom

If you’re heading away on a holiday, then the last thing you’ll want to be stuck worrying about is clunky utensils and bulky cutlery. Whether packing for a road trip, the beach or an overseas escape, having something light, eco-friendly and easy to handle is key. Check out this blog from Kappi to learn how you can put together a great reusable travel cutlery set that will have you well prepared for anything that comes your way. 


  • Bamboo cutlery


    Chop, eat, wash and reuse - it’s that simple. Bamboo cutlery is a great thing to pack when travelling abroad because it’s light as a feather (well, almost) and doesn’t take up too much room. Unlike metal utensils, you won’t have to deal with annoying clunking or added weight to your bag. Bamboo cutlery also makes a fantastic alternative to plastic because it can be reused over and over again. This means you can reduce your environmental impact and lower the amount of waste that you create. With our reusable bamboo cutlery set, you’ll find everything that you need to tuck into a hearty meal away from home, including a knife, a fork, a spoon and even a pair of chopsticks! Perfect for both long and short trips, you’ll have everything you need right by your side. 


  • Reusable metal straws

    Traveling can make thirsty work and chances are you’ll want to cool off and enjoy a refreshing drink at some point. The best way to do this? With a reusable metal straw. We stock a range of products that are beautifully designed and made to last so you can keep sipping time and time again. The best part about these products is that they can be packed on any kind of trip for easy use at a moment’s notice. You can use them to replace plastic straws that are mass produced and all too often end up in our oceans and waterways. 

    Quick fact - studies suggest that there are over 8.3 billion plastic straws currently polluting the world’s beaches.    

    Not only are metal straws good for the environment, but they’re great if you have sensitive teeth too. Be sure to pack a few and you’ll be able to enjoy the same drinks as all of your friends without enduring a nasty shock. At Kappi, we stock stainless steel straws in traditional silver and gold. 


  • Reusable ziplock bags

    Whether you’re packing for a trip or cleaning up after a meal, reusable ziplock bags are a great way to keep ingredients tasting fresh and delicious. The handy thing about these products is that they’re convenient, easy to carry and completely washable. This means that you can whip one out whenever you need a simple storage device while out and about. We love the fact that these quality designs are made with the planet in mind and help to reduce pollution and plastic waste. Not only that, but the Kappi range is non-toxic and leak proof, giving shoppers peace of mind and confidence. 

    Shop for eco-friendly products with Kappi

    If you’re looking to assemble a great reusable cutlery and accessories set for your next trip, then get in touch with Kappi. Our eco-friendly range includes everything from bamboo cutlery sets to reusable metal straws and ziplock bags. Shop online or contact us to find out more. 

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