Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags

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Introducing the perfect alternative to ziplock bags! No more having to wash out your old, flimsy ziplock bags in order to reuse - Kappi Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags are super easy to clean and dry!

Kappi Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags are fantastic for:

  • snack bags (we love using them for homemade popcorn)
  • food savers (they keep fruit and veg fresh in your fridge)
  • freezer bags (perfect for everything from sliced bread to soups and stocks)


  • Option to buy 2, 4, 6 or 8-Pack
    • 2-Pack includes 1 x 1000ml and 1 x 1500ml
    • 4-Pack includes 2 x 1000ml and 2 x 1500ml (save $5.95)
    • 6-Pack includes 3 x 1000ml and 3 x 1500ml (save $8.90)
    • 8-Pack includes 4 x 1000ml and 4 x 1500ml (save $13.85)
  • made from BPA free silicone 
  • non-toxic
  • reusable (simply wash and place upside down to dry or place in the dishwasher)



Why use reusable silicone ziplock bags?

Conventional ziplock bags are essentially just thick plastic bags with a clever closing mechanisms. Many are not food-grade and contain a host of nasty phthalates which can potentially leach into your food. Moreover, ziplock bags degrade over time meaning they enter landfill after only a limited number of uses. Kappi reusable ziplock bags are made from food-grade, inert silicone and can be used indefinitely without worrying about toxic chemicals entering your food. The sealing slider bar is also super easy to use making them ideal snack bags for your little one.  

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Ziplock bags! Where would we be without them? They are compact, resealable and best of all reusable. While there are many benefits, reusable Ziplock bags are also made of plastic that can ultimately become part of the environmental problem, rather than a long-term, sustainable solution.

Here at, we looked at the Ziplock bags that were out there and realised a few things. The first was that despite their functionality, the flimsy material meant that cleaning them was a nuisance and may dishearten some, but more importantly many were not food-grade. This means that they contain phthalates, substances that are added to plastics in order to make them more durable, flexible, transparent and last longer. The problem with phthalates is that they can potentially seep into your food over time, which means you could potentially be ingesting harmful toxins.

Our goal was to, therefore, find an alternative solution that would allow the same functionality, but with a couple of upgrades. And so, here at Kappi HQ, we designed a Ziplock bag made from inert silicone that can be used indefinitely, are super easy to clean and are 100% non-toxic. Our customers love them, stating that they are not only ideal snack bags and food savers, but are perfect for freezing food.

Is Silicone Good or Bad for Humans?

Silicone is a great choice when it comes to making a bag that is easy to clean and will wear well against repeat use. It is well known for its resistance to ageing. There are plenty of other products on the market that are made from silicone, including cook wear, and those who eventually decide to reinvest in new items are usually in a position where it makes sense to pass on their old silicone goods because they are still perfectly good.

Some customers who perhaps bought silicone in the past may be prejudiced against it. This is usually because their products contained BPA, aka Bisphenol A, which is among those chemicals that are called “everywhere chemicals” because of their use in the manufacture of an endless line of plastic products. Silicone products that contain BPA generally were seen to have a specific smell and food cooked using them had a certain taste that put people off.

Rest assured that here at Kappi, all of our silicone Ziplock bags are made from BPA-free silicone. They are sturdy, incredibly durable and you can even pop them in the dishwasher when they need to be cleaned.

From First Use to Forever

At Kappi, we are determined to supply sustainable goods that are designed with the end-user in mind. As such we create products that will stand the test of time, but that also look really good while doing so. We appreciate that it is difficult to move to a completely waste-free life, and in supplying these products we hope to make a very real contribution that will make a positive difference in many lives across the world. 

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Using clean lines and simple functionality, Kappi offers a range of lifestyle products; from cotton, eco & vegetable bags to reusable coffee cups & safety razors that look good, feel good, and most importantly, do good.

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