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The plastic detox revolution is here

Reusable organic cotton shopping bags. Growing your own produce in the garden. Using plastic-free skincare products. Going green isn’t just a trend anymore – it’s a lifestyle choice! 


Go green and buy plastic-free products with Kappi

At Kappi, we’re all about clean living, and we’re leading a mission to end plastic pollution. You could even say we’re warriors against wastage. We’re inviting our fellow Australians to join us and remove single-use plastic products from their shopping carts by consciously choosing eco-friendly alternatives.

When we come together, the impact can be monumental. Let’s make a difference today.

Sustainability begins in the home

As adults, we’re all too aware for the need to be eco-friendly, but sometimes it can be difficult to break old habits. By taking baby steps towards reducing your environmental footprint, your conscious choices will go a long way in helping the planet and providing a more sustainable way of living for future generations.

We’re not striving for perfection; we just want to create habits that will last a lifetime.

At Kappi, we’re aiming towards zero waste living by providing Australians everywhere with a range of green and durable products, including stainless steel water bottles, wooden cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable stainless steel straws and safety razors

1% for the Planet for a 100% future for all

We’re so committed to the #zerowastelife that we are incredibly proud to be a member of the 1% for the Planet global network. This means that we have committed to donating 1% OF ALL SALES to non-profit environmental organisations who are doing good in the world.

In addition to shopping our products, here’s other ways that you can aim for living with less waste:

  • Refuse: Say no to plastic bags and straws
  • Reduce: Use fewer disposable products
  • Reuse: Invest in bamboo cutlery that can be used again
  • Recycle: Learn to compost 
  • Repair: Try to mend or fix furniture / clothes / equipment
  • Regrow: Eat more whole foods and grow your own produce

Are you ready for a detox? Brush, shop, and drink sustainably with our low waste, affordable plastic-free alternatives. Shop online today at Kappi and help our earth (because there’s no planet B).