Sustainable Shaving Kit | Reusable Safety Razor, Storage Pouch and Blades (SAVE 15%)

54 reviews
Sustainable Shaving Kit | Reusable Safety Razor, Storage Pouch and Blades (SAVE 15%)
Sustainable Shaving Kit | Reusable Safety Razor, Storage Pouch and Blades (SAVE 15%)
Sustainable Shaving Kit | Reusable Safety Razor, Storage Pouch and Blades (SAVE 15%)

Sustainable Shaving Kit | Reusable Safety Razor, Storage Pouch and Blades (SAVE 15%)

54 reviews
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1 x Reusable Safety Razor (colour of your choice)

15 x Replacement razor blades 

1 x Organic Cotton Razor Storage Pouch

1 x Safety Razor Stand (black razor comes with black stand, rose gold razor come with a matte gold stand)

Save 15% when buying this as a kit! 

Ladies and gents, we get it - reducing your waste in the bathroom can be hard! It's almost overwhelming having to sift through the excessive number of plastic wrapped, single-use beauty and bathroom products on your journey towards a less wasteful lifestyle.

Well, at Kappi we've got your zero waste bathroom essentials covered. Razors are one of the largest contributors to disposable, non-recyclable plastic waste in the bathroom.

Get yourself started with our beautiful safety razor for waste-free, silky-smooth shaving that is guaranteed to reduce ingrown hairs.


How do I replace the blades?
Check out our how-to below (Matte Gold used in video).

How to use your new Safety Razor: 

  1. Unpack your safety razor. 
  2. With dry hands, hold onto either side of the razor head and unscrew the handle anti-clockwise to loosen. The base will disconnect from the head. 
  3. Once the razor is disassembled, carefully unwrap the blade and place it onto the head of the razor. 
  4. After the blade is in place, reassemble the razor by screwing the handle clockwise to tighten.
  5. Get shaving! For a smooth shave, we recommend soaking your skin with warm water, using a shave cream/gel/oil (or bar of soap) and take it slow! Be especially careful when shaving around ankles, knees etc. Use your razor on an angle (different for different areas) and apply very little to zero pressure. 
  6. Once the blade begins to dull, replace your blade and put your used blade in a glass jar to store and eventually recycle.

Why Switch to Safety Razors?

In the US alone it is estimated that over 2-billion razor blade heads are thrown out every year. What makes this statistic even worse is that modern shaving cartridges are constructed of so much rubber and plastic that they cannot be recycled. So while you're enjoying the smoothest, irritation free shave of your life, rest easy knowing that you're not contributing to this statistic. We've also written a blog post on why you should make the switch! Click here to have a read!

How do Safety Razors prevent ingrowns?

Modern multi-blade razors cause ingrowns by tugging and pulling at your hair before eventually cutting the hair follicle below the skin level. As the hair regrows, many of the hair follicles become ingrowns. Not so with safety razors which glide smoothly over your skin and cut the hair follicles at the skin level, ensuring you have the smoothest shave of your life - without the ingrowns!

Safety Razor vs. Modern Razor - A cost comparison.

The cost of our safety razors is truly a reflection of their quality. The genius of modern day shaving companies is that they make a loss on the shaver handle and make a HUGE profit on the replacement blades. So while modern razors blades seem cheap by comparison, over time they end up costing you big time. Compared to modern multi-blade cartridge heads costing around $3 per head, the Kappi safety razor uses traditional double-sided razor blades that only cost around 20-cents - around 15 times cheaper than the modern equivalent.

Where can I buy replacement blades?

We sell blades online here or you can buy blades online - simply Google 'double edge safety razor blades' or better yet use Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees!

Are Bamboo Toothbrushes Biodegradable and Home Compostable?

The handle is yes! See below for info on the bristles.

Are bamboo toothbrush bristles biodegradable?

There are currently three types of bristles used in bamboo toothbrushes - Nylon, Boar and Biodegradable Vegan bristles.

- Boar (pig) bristles are 100% biodegradable, however they're often obtained as by-products of the Chinese meat market and can pose serious ethical questions regarding treatment of animals.

- Biodegradable vegan bristles are made from derivatives of castor oil. They are 100% biodegradable, however the bristles start breaking down within 10-14 days of use making them poor value for our customers.

- Nylon bristles. After much research and sample testing Kappi opted for Nylon bristles for their durability and value. We recommend snapping the head off your old toothbrush when it's time to change.


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ava b.

Safety razor

Amazing shave definitely the closest I have got. Will never go back. Just wish the handle was a bit longer

Megan G.
Australia Australia

Worth the switch to a safety razor

Really love this product. The razor has a nice weight to it (not too heavy) and seems to help in shaving. Have never use a safety razor before but I am glad I switched. Apart from looking stylish, this product actually works really well. Does take one or two times to get use to it compared to a disposable, but does a smooth, close shave. Very happy

Paula K.
Australia Australia

Excellent product!

Close smooth shave on my legs. Nice weight and looks pretty in the shower. Very pleased with my decision to switch from plastic disposable.

Kappi Sustainable Shaving Kit | Reusable Safety Razor, Storage Pouch and Blades (SAVE 15%) Review
Tiffany R.
Australia Australia

Three weeks later and still no item

It’s been over three weeks and I have still not received my item… it’s probably time to change your postal provider

Michael M.
Australia Australia

Simple and stylish

I had never used a safety razor on my face before so I was a bit nervous, but the weight and design of this one made it intuitive and easy to use. Love the little stand, and love that it is so simple to take apart and put back together. ❤