Reusable Safety Razor - Matte Black

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Dollar shave club? How about four-cent shave club? With Kappi's reusable safety razors, gone are the days of being forced to buy over-priced refills for your disposable head razors. 
When we first decided to make the switch from multi-blade to safety razors, we struggled to find a razor that didn't look like it had stepped right out of the 1950's. Chrome everything, with chunky, over-masculine aesthetics - not quite what we had in mind for our tribe of modern day eco-warrior. So in typical Kappi fashion we decided to design our own! Modern, sleek, durable with a firm focus on reducing our collective environmental footprint, our safety razor represents everything we stand for at Kappi.
Now you too can enjoy the smoothest, irritation-free shave of your life while using (in our opinion) the best looking safety razor on the market.
Included with every razor is a 5-pack of replacement razor blade which should last around 35 shaves (5-7 shaves per blade).
- 1x Reusable Safety Razor - matte black
- 5x Replacement razor blades

Safety Razor vs. Modern Razor - A Cost Comparison 

The cost of our safety razors is truly a reflection of their quality. The genius of modern day shaving companies is that they make a loss on the shaver handle and make a HUGE profit on the replacement blades. So while modern razors blades seem cheap by comparison, over time they end up costing you big time. Compared to modern multi-blade cartridge heads costing around $3 per head, the Kappi safety razor uses traditional double-sided razor blades that only cost around 20-cents - around 15 times cheaper than the modern equivalent. 

Why Switch to Safety Razors?

In the US alone it is estimated that over 2-billion razor blade heads are thrown out every year. What makes this statistic even worse is that modern shaving cartridges are constructed of so much rubber and plastic that they cannot be recycled. So while you're enjoying the smoothest, irritation free shave of your life, rest easy knowing that once you're done with your razor blade, you can simply throw it in the recycling bin.

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